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Effective and Natural Treatment for Shoulder Pain

Effective and Natural Treatment for Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain, unfortunately, is a common condition in many active individuals, athletes, and those that are repeating constant motions with their arms. It will prevent you from performing even the simplest tasks like picking up objects, coming to your hair, and even writing. While many patients look for a solution, they often go to their local doctor’s office. However, there is a more effective and natural treatment for shoulder blade pain. Keep reading to find out more.

The Structure of the Shoulder

The unique structure of the shoulder consists of:

  • Rotator cuff, supported by tendons and muscles
  • The upper arm bone fits into a socket to construct the shoulder joint
  • The shoulder blade
  • Collarbone
  • Ligaments that hold joints and bones together

All of these individual parts come together, allowing you to use your shoulder to perform a wide range of movements and tasks. However, because it is a united structure, when one thing is affected or damaged, the entire shoulder suffers. Therefore, it is essential you know the signs and when to seek help from a professional.

Common Symptoms of Damage to Your Shoulder

Effective and Natural Treatment for Shoulder Pain
You use your shoulders every day, even when you don’t know you are. While you might just chalk up shoulder pain to aging or a common discomfort due to training or long days at work, it’s crucial that a specialist checks you. Leaving shoulder pain to be can result in complete immobility. The common symptoms include pain that:

  • Is sudden, debilitating, or sharp
  • Stiffness
  • Swelling
  • Numbness
  • Tingling
  • Bruising
  • Intense pain when bearing weight on it
  • Reduced mobility

What are the Leading Causes of Shoulder Pain?

Pain in your shoulder can be due to aging, overuse, sprains, strains, and inflammation. However, the leading causes of shoulder instability are due to accidents, falls, or playing demanding sports. Common underlying conditions related to this part of the body also include:

  • Tendonitis
  • Arthritis
  • Rotator cuff tears
  • Frozen shoulder
  • Labral tears

What are the Leading Causes of Shoulder Pain?
The shoulder is a very mobile and unstable ball and socket joint that’s prone to injury when it is used in a way that it is not intended to be. For example, it might be a dangerous activity that places stress on the shoulder.

Regardless of the cause, a skilled and trained chiropractor for shoulder pain will alleviate the distress that comes from injury through the non-invasive chiropractic adjustment. This treatment will help in numerous ways, including improved strength, decrease in inflammation, and enhanced range of motion.

Ways a Chiropractor will Treat Your Shoulder Pain

Ways a Chiropractor will Treat Your Shoulder Pain
Athletes and workers often seek out chiropractic care due to their completely natural solutions. Additionally, choosing a chiropractic specialist allows for the patients to have an entirely personal and customized recovery regimen. Before therapy starts, you will undergo a complete and thorough exam of the shoulder and spine.

Depending on the results of your examination, your specialists will determine the best course of action to take. It may be just one therapy or a combination of them. Your therapy plan could include:

  • Spinal Adjustment: In some cases, your shoulder pain may not originate directly from your shoulder. It could be coming from your spine. A spinal adjustment is used to manipulate the vertebrae into regular alignment. This will alleviate any disc or nerve pain that has spread to the shoulder.
  • Complete Rehabilitation: This is usually done for athletes that have severely injured their shoulder. Your chiropractor works to rebuild and strengthen the structure of your shoulder with therapy and corrective exercises.
  • Chiropractic Adjustments: Following a dislocation or structure in the shoulder, stability and function are completely diminished. A shoulder chiro adjustment will remobilize and restore stability and function.

These are just a few of the many therapies that could be done to treat your specific shoulder injury. Therefore, the moment you experience any pain, you need to contact a chiropractic clinic for maximum results.

Why Is Chiropractic Care Better Than Traditional Treatments at a Doctor’s Office?

Many patients choose to go to a doctor’s office to get a solution to their chronic shoulder pain. However, this also leads to a dependence on pain medication and the possibility of severe, invasive procedures. Chiropractic care is an incredible wait to manage pain, reduce swelling, and eliminate discomfort caused by shoulder pain. But that isn’t the best part; it is the fact that the therapy is completely natural!

Chiropractic care gives patients an incredible way to get rid of their debilitating shoulder pain while also being:

  • Safe
  • An alternative to prescription pain medications
  • Non- invasive

The main focus of your chiropractic treatment plan is to eliminate pain, improve function in the nervous system, heighten spinal health, and enhance joint mobility. After an in-depth examination of your current condition, a plan will be completely customized to you. Additionally, you will have a team of leading specialists working alongside you to get you back to living your life pain-free.

Avoid Future Pain and Improve Performance

One of the most beautiful things about chiropractic care is you don’t have to wait for discomfort to strike to enjoy all of its advanced benefits. Especially if you are an athlete, your chiropractor will help ensure that you can keep performing while helping avoid future discomfort. Additionally, chiropractic care will help enhance your performance. Therefore, if you are an athlete in Chicagoland, visit our clinic and discover the benefits of our therapies. Get directions here!

Get Help for Shoulder Pain Today

At Advanced Spine & Sports Care, the specialists and their advanced treatments are designed to naturally and effectively help their patients drastically. It all starts with your primary consultation. Never continue to live in pain and get the help that you deserve. Chiropractic care is personal and custom designed to maximize results.

To see if this is the best option for your condition, the chiropractors at Advanced Spine and Sports Care will perform a consultation and examination. Based on the findings, your specialist will determine the best course of action to take. Get in touch with the experts at Advanced Spine & Sports Care and get back to living your best life without any pain.

What are Seven Great Reasons to Get Chiropractic Adjustments?

Our bodies are similar to machines, with every system and component working together to create complete and total wellness. However, the effect can be catastrophic when something is wrong, out of place, or damaged within the body. From our ability to get up and go in the morning to completing daily tasks and activities, we need to find the best way to keep our bodies functioning smoothly. Read on to know the Great Reasons Chiropractic adjustments.

Also known as spinal manipulations, chiropractic adjustments are tools used by trained specialists to assist in naturally bringing the body back to order the moment something is out of whack. While many people feel that visiting a doctor is the best thing to do, they often forget about the benefits of going to a chiropractic office. Chiropractors have a long and trusted history in the medical field, providing natural relief through various techniques.

What is a Back Adjustment?

First things first, what exactly is a back adjustment? It is an adjustment performed manually where a chiropractor applies targeted pressure to the vertebrae. The specialist will conduct short and swift thrusts directly to the vertebra during the adjustment. By realigning the spine throughout this specific treatment, the entire body begins to heal itself, improving:

  • Posture
  • Range of mobility
  • Strength
  • Assistance in decompression of the spine
  • Overall function
  • Pain alleviation

Keep reading to discover the various reasons to schedule a Chiropractic Adjustment today!

1. They Relieve Various Types of Pain

Neck Pain
This is the top reason why a patient should choose a chiropractor over a general practitioner! A regular doctor’s office focuses on only the area that is affected, while a chiropractor works on healing the entire body through its therapies. A chiropractic adjustment deals with eliminating chronic pain that feels like a neverending nightmare. Unlike traditional treatments, this specialty therapy helps with all sorts of issues, including:

  • Whiplash
  • Neck Pain
  • Headaches
  • Lower Back Pain
  • Sciatica
  • Foot pain
  • And more

2. A Completely Natural Non-Invasive Approach

One of the worst things about traditional treatments is that they require dependence on medication for pain relief and an abundance of possibly invasive therapies to provide a solution. Chiropractic adjustment eliminates the need for these mediums of healing. It is an entirely natural way that strengthens the body through techniques that have been around for hundreds of years.

With spinal adjustments, a chiropractor’s targeted method to each vertebra allows for a non-invasive, natural form of healing that is just as effective, if not more effective, as medication and invasive procedures. Choosing a chiropractic specialist will ensure that healing time is reduced and that they can go on enjoying the things they love without being medicated.

3. In Improvement in Sleeping Patterns

Improvement in Sleeping Patterns
Chiropractic adjustments aren’t just meant for those in constant pain that never seems to disappear. They are recommended to be done regularly, and one benefit is sleeping better at night. Making the most out of your day is extremely hard when you keep having a poor night’s sleep. Our bodies are designed to recover and heal during a full night’s sleep; any disruption negatively impacts the body.

Choosing Advanced Spine & Sports Care for regular spinal adjustments will help decrease aches and pains that keep you up at night and affect your daily tasks and responsibilities. It will also regulate the balance in the nervous system, aiding in hormone regulations. Therefore, if you are having trouble getting the right amount of sleep each night, trust the technicians at our chiropractic clinic in Chicago to ensure that you get the Solid Zs you need.

4. Jumpstart your Immune System

While your main focus on extensive treatment may be derived from the discomfort you are feeling, in relieving that pain, your chiropractor will help your body get better at healing itself in the future. The nervous system is integral to keeping the body healthy to fight infection and ward off diseases. It controlled the function of the body’s organs, cells, and tissue. When you receive an adjustment to correct any misalignment, the nervous system is given a proper pathway to performing more effectively.

5. Improvement in Energy and Endorphin Levels

Improvement in Energy and Endorphin Levels
The moment you reduce inflammation and relieve tension in the body, giving the spine the space it needs for a properly functioning nervous system, the most noticeable result is a boost in your overall energy and mood levels. If you have been feeling down lately and have found yourself without the drive to complete even the simplest of tasks, schedule a Chiropractic Adjustment right away.

6. Personalized Care and Treatment

At a general practitioner’s office, they will take your condition and treat it the same as they have treated hundreds of past patients. However, chiropractic adjustments at Advanced Spine & Sports Care are completely different. Each patient that comes in for a Spinal Adjustment is provided with a personal therapy plan, ensuring that their unique pain and discomfort are treated to ensure the best outcome for each patient; no condition is exactly the same.

7. Enhancements in an Athletes Performance

Great Reasons to Get Chiropractic Adjustments_ Feel better than ever
Are you an athlete looking to both prevent injuries from occurring and gain a competitive edge over your competition? Here it is! There is a reason why hundreds of professional athletes have regular meetings with a chiropractor. While physical activities can cause tension, injuries, and pain, they can be reduced and prevented through adjustments. Also, patients always leave the office feeling better than ever with significant improvement in their performance.

Receive Natural Remedy for Your Discomfort Today

Whether you have just been injured or are experiencing constant pain that never yields, trust chiropractors for expert pain relief. A chiropractic adjustment will get you back on your feet, feeling better than ever. Therefore, instead of choosing a general practitioner that will lead to possibly invasive procedures and dependence on medication for pain relief, contact the specialists at Advanced Spine & Sports Care. Discover a better way to improve your body today by visiting our clinic; get directions here.

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A Chiropractors Ultimate Guide to Avoiding and Treating the Most Common Work Injuries

A Chiropractors Ultimate Guide to Avoiding and Treating the Most Common Work Injuries

Getting injured is always a serious issue, especially when it happens at work and continues to affect both your personal and professional life. In 2020, there were 106,900 nonfatal workplace injuries reported in Illinois. Even with the ongoing advancements and steps being taken by businesses to reduce the number of injuries in the workplace, unfortunately, they still happen. Injuries occur in any workplace setting, even in environments that may not be considered dangerous.
It is crucial to understand the most common injuries that happen at work, how to avoid them, and how a professional chiropractor can help. We have prepared this chiropractors ultimate guide so that all workers can stay safe and protect their bodies from long-lasting, painful damage. Below, learn about the most common injuries sustained at work and find our hos chiropractic therapy in Chicago will make a difference in the way you recover and continue with your life.

The Most Common Workplace Injuries in Chicago

No matter the type of job you have, whether it’s completing hands-on tasks every day or in an office in front of a computer, it is crucial to be aware of the injuries that pose a risk to your health. Some of the most common types of damages employees suffer from and need include treatment:

  • Slip and fall – Falling from any height poses a significant threat and can lead to a severe injury. Slips and falls can damage any part of the body.
  • Being hit by falling objects or walking into items – There is the risk of accidentally running into barriers or even being hit by falling debris in all workspaces. The body areas that are most in danger are the neck, head, back, and feet.
  • Repetitive motions – While it may be a part of the job, moving the same way too much will lead to an injury. Tasks may include packing boxes, typing, walking to and from locations, or even chopping food. When proper breaks are not taken, these repetitive motions will lead to chronic pain and long term strain on the muscles,
  • Doing too much – Many jobs require tasks that put quite a bit of strain on the body; these may include pulling, holding, or carrying heavy items and throwing. Due to the physical demands, overexertion will lead to severe pain and long-term conditions.

Getting Immediate Help Following an Injury

Day and night, workers are constantly putting their bodies to the test, no matter the profession that they are in. So while it may seem unnecessary to get help following an injury because you don’t want to miss out on completing your hours and losing wages, our team is here to tell you that postponing any type of damage will lead to more serious conditions that will become unavoidable and cause more pain and treatment times. That is why no matter the kind of harm you have suffered, whether it was a minor accident or a big one, getting immediate help is crucial.
Some of the most common signs you have suffered an injury at work include:

  • Back pain
  • Headaches
  • Neck pain
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Tendonitis
  • Sprains
  • Loss of feeling in the hands, arms, legs, and back

Diagnosing certain conditions is challenging to do on your own, and that’s why you will need professional insight to determine whether or not you are safe and healthy. Especially injuries that don’t cause much pain, many workers think that they are alright until the condition worsens farther down the road. So, the moment you have been involved in an accident or have been injured in the workplace, contact a specialist to run a full diagnostic of the body.

Why Choose a Chiropractor to Treat Your Pain?

The moment you have been the victim of a workplace injury, time is of the essence to get care, but where should you go? For years, the most popular option has always been to visit your general practitioner to get help. However, many treatments lead to serious procedures and treatment alongside a dependence on medication to alleviate discomfort. Chiropractic care provides a non-invasive, natural, and effective way to deal with pain!
Each of our therapists and treatments is one on one with the highest standard of patient care. Our therapies start with a complete diagnosis and tests based on the patient’s injury and where it’s located. Then the specialist will determine the right course of action to take to ensure that the patient is relieved of comfort and can get back to living their life in no time. No two patients are the same, and that is why our personal care is what allows us to stand out among other clinics. You can check out our 5-star reviews here and see why patients choose us when they are worried about their wellness following an accident.

Haven’t Been Injured? Still Get Help from Our Respected Chiropractic Clinic in Chicago

The body of every worker, whether they are in a warehouse or an office, is under incredible amounts of stress every single day. While you may feel strong and healthy, hidden threats may be posing a risk to your health and safety. Booking an appointment with our experts will be able to catch underlying conditions before they happen while making you stronger in the process. Our entire team is friendly, knowledgeable, and dedicated, allowing you to feel completely comfortable and taken care of through therapies.

Discover the Endless Advantages of Chiropractic Care for Workplace Injuries Today

Don’t let an injury of any size keep you away from daily responsibilities, loved ones, and friends. Get natural care from Chicago’s leading specialists in Chiropractic Care! Keeping your body healthy is our passion; therefore, when you experience an injury, severe or minor, our team is always here to help. Therefore, avoid harsh therapies and dependence on medication for pain relief and get natural care with practiced remedies that allow the body to heal and continue to become stronger in the process. Don’t hesitate and schedule your initial consultation today or visit our location; get directions here.

common sports injuries treated by chiropractic

Most Common Sports Injuries Treated by Chiropractic

No matter if you are an experienced athlete, or the parent of a child who has just discovered his or her favorite sport, you’re most likely no stranger to injuries. Unfortunately, they are something that goes hand-in-hand with sports. However, the good news is that injuries no longer only have to be treated by medicine and intense surgical therapies. Chiropractic therapists provide a natural and drug-free way to help you or your child recover from some of the most common sports injuries while preventing the same thing from happening in the future.
The moment an injury takes place, trying to figure out the best course of action to take is difficult and stressful. For years, patients have only confided in the help and expertise of general practitioners and, in serious cases, surgeons. This means dependence on medicine and intensive procedures taking the patient away from their daily routine, activities, and loves. At Advanced Spine & Sports Care, our team is dedicated to the healthy and clean recovery of each one of our athlete patients. That’s why all of us want to help you get a sounder understanding of the most common sports injuries and the treatment for them. Keep reading to learn more!

Chiropractic Care for Sports Injuries in Chicago

Treating beginner, intermediate, and expert athletes are our specialty; Sports Care is in our name! When competing in sports, no matter the level, youth and adult athletes always run a high risk of enduring an injury related to the sport they are playing. According to the CDC, approximately 8.6 million people from 5 to 24 years old experience a sports injury each year. In fact, almost one-third of all injuries incurred in childhood are sports-related injuries, the most common being sprains and strains.
No matter the age of a patient that’s injured, it’s critical to know the best options to treat their specific discomfort. Going to the doctor should no longer be the first option, especially for athletes, as their goal is to stay healthy and naturally focused. Chiropractic therapy will enhance your recovery, wellbeing, and, even more importantly, your athletic performance going forward.

Common Sports Injuries

The Chicago area is home to many athletes who play a wide variety of sports. For that reason, our clinic is no stranger to an array of injured athletes that visit us for quick and natural healing therapies! Various sports mean a wide range of specific injuries, and luckily for Chicago athletes, the specialists at our clinic know just how to provide personal care directly focused on getting the patient back to doing the sport that they love! As we mentioned above, many of the athletic injuries that are the most common include sprains and strains. However, there are many more, both chronic and acute; these include:

  • Broken bones
  • Fractures
  • Dislocations
  • Frozen shoulder and rotator cuff injuries
  • Tennis Elbow
  • Runner’s knee
  • Concussions
  • Achilles tendinitis
  • Shin splints
  • Sciatica
  • Knee injuries, such as torn ACL, patellar tendinitis, and patellofemoral syndrome
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Among others

At Advanced Spine & Sports Care, we’ve seen and treated it all. Our clinic specializes in assisting athletes with their injuries using a personal plan. Have you recently been injured playing a sport? Contact our therapists today, and they will assist you in the rehabilitation and improvement of your condition.

Have You Been Injured Playing a Sport? Do You Need to See A Doctor or a Chiropractor?

One of the scariest things about potentially being injured playing sports is that they aren’t always noticeable until they become severe. Similar to vehicle accident victims, athletes’ who experience trauma may be chalked up to “normal fatigue” from participating. It’s not until crippling discomfort alters not only how athletes perform but their daily lives as well do they look for help. At this point, the solution may require longer to heal and more intense therapy options. Noticing the signs is critical, and so is constantly getting checked by your Chicago-based Chiropractic Clinic! Common symptoms of sports injuries include:

  • Headaches or migraines
  • Inability to move or place weight on a limb or joint
  • Severe back or chest pain
  • Dizziness
  • Weakness in the affected area
  • Aching or sharp pain in the joint or muscle
  • Swelling and inflammation

Your body improvement expert at our clinic will help alleviate symptoms, ensuring that your wellness is significantly improved. However, there are some injuries that do need to be treated by a specific specialist before chiropractic care. Some of these conditions include:

  • Concussions – While chiropractors help relieve post-concussion symptoms such as migraines, due to the severity of a concussion and its permanent effects on the brain, it is best to see a specialized doctor before seeking help from a chiropractor.
  • Fractures or Broken Bones – Similar to concussions, fractures and broken bones do need extra support and possible surgery, which require other specialists. However, once the injury has healed, chiropractic care will help the body recover from lingering symptoms and imbalances that were caused by the fracture or break.

Why Should You Choose Us to Treat Your Sports Injuries?

Choosing the right method and channel to get back on your feet and playing the sport that you love is stressful. However, with the help of our trained and certified experts, it no longer has to be. Our clinic goes above and beyond for each one of its patients, something that doctors’ offices don’t do. The team that our clinic boasts is personal, relatable, and lovers of sports just like you, so they know how much you want to get healed and back out there.
Chiropractic Care at Advanced Spine & Sports Care is completely natural, and each of our patients is equipped with a personal treatment plan that is specific to them and their unique condition. Not one injury is totally the same, and that’s why our personal therapy plans stand out above other clinics that put all of those in comfort in the same boat. There are more lengthy and painful recoveries, intense procedures, or dependence on medicine with our help!

Contact the #1 Chicago Chiropractic Clinic for Sports Injuries

Is pain keeping you away from participating and competing? Do you need an answer and want to avoid going to the doctor’s office at all costs? Are you searching for a natural way to heal without the need for medicine or surgery? If you have said yes to any of these questions, then you need to schedule an appointment online or visit our clinic today; get directions here!

How to Choose the Ideal Chiropractor or Physical Therapist for your Particular Condition(s)

Chiropractic treatment and physical therapies are ideal for providing different solutions for those suffering from a wide array of physical conditions. They help those who are in constant chronic pain and help patients deal with injuries in ways that don’t rely on medications or more severe procedures.

While choosing a chiropractor may seem simple, it can be a very difficult process. To ensure you get the best and most certified hands in Chicago, there are a number of things that a patient needs to consider before deciding on their chiropractor or physical therapist. Keep reading to discover the different things you need to think about when choosing; follow these steps, and you will be able to live a happy, healthy, and pain-free life.

Tips on Selecting the Most Ideal Chicago Chiropractor or Physical Therapist for your Particular Health Conditions

Benefits of Chiropractic Care & Physical Therapy Treatments in Chicago

What are the Main Benefits of Chiropractic Care & Physical Therapy Treatments in Chicago?

Often, when a patient suffers from some kind of injury or trauma, their first thing they do to get help is a visit to the doctor’s office. While general practitioners will help relieve your pain, therapies often include relying on medication or serious procedures that leave you out from work and your daily lifestyle for an extended period of time. When you are experiencing pain from an injury or trauma, the experts at Advanced Spine & Sports Care want to help! Our clinic is dedicated to getting patients back on their feet in no time. Some treatments our clinics provides include:

  • Chiropractic Care
  • Corrective Exercises
  • Lifestyle Advice
  • Chiropractic Adjustment
  • Pain Management

The benefits of our wellness improvement clinic in Chicago also include:

  • Board-certified therapists
  • Multidisciplinary team of health care technicians
  • Medication free remedies
  • Personal patient-focused treatment plans

The team at Advanced Spine & Sports Care focuses both on getting rid of a patient’s pain and ensuring that they stay healthy without complications following their visit to our #1 Chicago Chiropractic Care Clinic. Did you know that over 2 million people in the United States are addicted to or misuse prescription drugs? Stay away from treating your condition with medications and get the help that naturally heals your body and makes you stronger going forward.

Here are some tips on how to choose the best Chiropractor in Chicago…

Chicago Chiropractor & Physical Therapist – Top-Rated Patient Recommendations & Reviews

The #1 thing you need to check before confiding in a physical therapist or chiropractor is to go over their past and current patient reviews. This is how medical professionals stand out above competing clinics. They are extremely helpful as the reviews point out any red flags or bring up any concerns. Luckily, as one of the leading clinics in Chicago Advanced Spine & Sports Care, our clinic boasts many 5-star reviews from our past and current patients that will give you the confidence you need to pick up the phone now and book your primary consultation.

You can see all of our patient reviews here!

Ease & Convenience of Your Customized Chiropractic & Physical Therapy Treatment Sessions

Chicago Chiropractor & Physical Therapist - Top-Rated Patient Recommendations & Reviews

While getting expert care is one of the only things on your mind, so should be how convenient and accessible they are when you need them the most. Receive Advanced Chiro Treatments and Physical Therapy at (1) conveniently located spinal care clinic on Belmont Avenue in Chicago residents of Chicago and the surrounding Chicagoland area can easily access our clinic. However, convenience isn’t always about location; it’s about working around your schedule and time. You don’t want to have a burden on your routine and constantly change your schedule so that you can make appointments, and that’s why we are flexible on treatment times for all of our patients.

Personalized vs. Generic Treatment Plans

Too many physical therapy and chiropractic offices don’t take the time to create an individual assessment and treatment plan, and it leads to a patient getting insufficient care. Depending on your condition, you are in constant chronic pain all the time, and you need an answer. You also need a treatment plan and team that will focus on your unique condition and not just group you into the same column as other patients.

At Advanced Spine & Sports Care, our entire team, from the reception to our medical professionals, treat you like a part of the family throughout your entire healing process. Our chiropractors will design a complete and detailed personalized therapy plan that will treat your specific condition and allow you to heal and grow stronger than before. Don’t be put in the same group as other patients and get the personal treatment that you deserve.


We believe that first impressions are everything and the way our staff communicates with our patients speaks a thousand words about who we are as a clinic. Our chiropractors are going to be touching and adjusting your body therefore, you need to feel comfortable at all times, knowing that you can communicate your concerns. The ideal way to determine if you and your Advanced Spine & Sports Care therapist are going to be the right fit is during your first consultation with them. During your first consultation, here’s what to do:

  • Bring up any concerns you have
  • Ask Questions
  • Ask about different ways you can get a hold of them during your treatment.
  • Discuss different therapies you can do on your own at home after your treatment to continue healing and getting stronger.

When you feel completely comfortable with your physical therapist or chiropractor and our entire team, then you have found the clinic that’s right for you!

Similarities & Differences Between Chicago Chiro Care Vs. Physical Therapy

Similarities & Differences Between Chicago Chiro Care Vs. Physical Therapy

Chicago Chiropractic care and  physiotherapy have several similarities and differences. It is crucial that patients are aware of these before deciding on which route they need to take for maximum treatment. Both chiropractors and physiotherapists assist patients by managing and treating different injuries and chronic pain conditions. However, there are a few differences, including:

  1. Chiropractic care treats the nervous and musculoskeletal systems. Physical therapists focus on the study of soft tissue (muscles, tendons, and ligaments).
  2. The moment an injury, deformity, or illness occurs, a chiropractor will adjust or realign the spine with their hands and other instruments. Some physiotherapists can perform spinal manipulation and muscle release techniques; however, their training in spinal manipulation is much less than a chiropractor.
  3. Using several techniques, chiropractors find degenerative changes, disc injuries, and subluxations in the spinal column. Physical therapists work planning to restore mobility after an injury.

How to Determine if you Need Chicago Chiropractic Treatment or Physical Therapy –  Contact Advanced Spine & Sports Care

Determining when you need to seek medical help is the first step to becoming pain-free, but where are you going to go? You can know when it’s time to call a Chiropractor if you:

  • Have recently been in an auto accident
  • Injured yourself playing a sport
  • Are you not feeling like yourself and are constantly in pain
  • No matter what you do, pain or weakness is not going away
  • You keep suffering from a recurring injury.

When you are suffering from chronic and debilitating pain and have experienced any of the things that we mentioned above, it’s time to contact Advanced Spine & Sports Care and get the help that you need today. Come and meet our team in person at our leading chiropractic clinic in Chicago, get directions here!


Do Children & Infants Need Chiropractic Care? 

Chiropractic care is a gentle, safe, and non-invasive treatment that promotes the self-healing capability of the patient through a caring and certified therapeutic touch from a practitioner. All chiropractors at Advanced Spine & Sports Care are focused on the relationship between the spine, the head, and the rest of your body. At our clinic, we use safe and gentle techniques that deliver care stemming from many years of experience and continuing education. 

At Advanced Spine & Sports Care, patients of all ages, including infants, children, teens, and adults are treated. Our certified services allow for specialists to ease pain and ensure that each patient stays happy and healthy without further complications. While not known to many, chiropractic care is extremely beneficial for patients of all ages. 

Chiropractic Treatment for Kids, Children & Teenagers in Chicago

Chiropractic Care for Children in Chicago

Do Children / Infants Need Chicago Chiropractic Treatment Therapy & Spinal Care?

Understanding infants and child’s symptoms and conditions require visual, head, and spine evaluations, including: 

  • Alignment 
  • Muscle tone 
  • Full range of motion of the back, limbs, and neck. 

Examining the entire body is essential, and no part should ever be overlooked as any malfunction could be interfering with the natural development of the human body. Pediatric chiropractic care will help with

  • Consistent Crying
  • Asthma
  • Bed Wetting
  • Tongue / Lip tie
  • Infantile Colic
  • Reflux
  • ADD / ADHD
  • Allergies
  • Headaches / Migraines
  • Sinus Issues
  • Constipation/Digestive Issues
  • Sensory Processing Disorder
  • Chronic Ear Infections 
  • Scoliosis Detection
  • Inability to thrive
  • Many other conditions

Improving Child Development with Chiropractic Care

The healthy development of children includes nutrition, physical activity, and a properly functioning nervous system that can never fully be achieved without chiropractic care. It’s crucial to remember that your child’s spine is constantly developing, and it’s always vulnerable to trauma from activities, events, and sports. The goal is to minimize the negative forces while strengthening the body’s capability to adapt to the surrounding environments and risks. 

It may be easy to pass constant aches off as growing pains and could take years to discover that these symptoms are actually signs of a malfunctioning nervous system. Undiagnosed problems with the nervous system will cause drastic effects that will last a lifetime. To ensure the optimal health of your child, contact Advanced Spine & Sports Care to discuss the possibilities of podiatric chiropractic care in Chicago. 

Nervous System Function and the Craniosacral Rhythm in Children 

Improving Child Development with Chicago Chiropractic Care

This nervous system and craniosacral rhythm need to be assessed as early as directly after birth as the birthing process can be extremely stressful on their body. Numerous children who have colic, ear infections, developmental challenges, and asthma, among many other conditions, have a compromised craniosacral mechanism and spinal subluxations impairing their nervous system at a young age. 

Early detection of these problems will allow the body to be corrected and prevent further damage to the nervous system as your child grows older. Check-ups at the doctor’s office may not be enough, and when these symptoms are ignored, the result will lead to negative adaptations down the road. Ensure that your child’s body grows properly, allowing them to succeed both mentally and physically throughout their entire life. 

Chiropractic Therapies for Kids

The nervous system of a child is in control of controlling every other system in the body. It handles blood flow along with brain function bone growth and overall plays a pivotal role in ensuring the growing body is healthy and running efficiently. Alignment of the spine also plays a crucial role in the health of a child as it can affect development.

It’s common for patients to consider chiropractic care as an option that’s only available for adults, but we are here to tell you that it helps patients of all ages. Bumps and scrapes are common things that babies and children are exposed to and chiropractic care ensures that none of these issues cause significant damages down the road. Advanced Spine & Sports Care provides chiropractic care in Chicago, IL, that’s centered around using therapy to correct issues before a child fully develops. Our care and techniques allow for patients to obtain a healthier life. Discover the benefits of chiropractic care for children at our board-certified chiropractic clinic in Chicago. 

Why Choose Advanced Spine & Sports Care for Treating Your Children

Choose Advanced Spine & Sports Care in chicago for chiropractic treatments

An endless amount of conditions and issues can be treated by chiropractic care, and the benefits are undeniable. Instead of taking your children to the doctor and relying on harsh treatments and medications, Advanced Spine & Sports Care will help find the ideal non-invasive therapy to improve their condition. 

Each of our chiropractic specialists at our clinic has years of experience treating all ages of patients and continue to undergo new and upcoming certification to offer patients the best possible service. We create personalized treatment plans as not one patient is the same. Through thorough evaluations, the best option is determined for each of our patients, and continue with the best plan. You should choose Advanced Spine & Sports Care because we are the most trusted and dependable therapists and provide excellent and unbeatable care in Chicago. 

Contact Advanced Spine & Sports Care and Improve Your Children’s Health Today! 

Are you worried that your children’s condition might leave them with challenges for their entire life? Contact our team of specialists today. We promise to assist your child in all ways possible so that they can continue to grow and have all of the opportunities as they get older. 

Exchange the doctor’s office for a natural treatment that has been studied and practiced for a thousand years. The specialists at our clinic will carefully treat your entire family with personalized treatment plans designed to help with their unique condition.

Our experts are fully capable of administering pediatric chiropractic care to infants, children of all ages, adolescents, and young adults. Do you notice that your child is in constant pain or their current medical condition is deteriorating? Do you want to ensure that they are happy and healthy and stay that way their entire life? Then Advanced Spine & Sports care is your answer. Contact us today or visit our #1 chiropractic clinic in Chicago. 

4 – Spinal Care Tips & Exercises to Keep Your Back Healthy This Chicago Winter

 Winter is on the way, and while we may be leaving behind warm weather and sunny skies, it’s crucial that we don’t forget to prepare ourselves for the cold and all that it brings. During this time of the year, our bodies are constantly put to the test, whether it be when doing activities or chores around the house, playing alongside the kids in the snow, or just how the body reacts to the cold, it is essential that we do whatever it takes to ensure the back stays happy and healthy during the frigid temperatures.

Spinal Care Tips & Exercises to Keep Your Back Healthy This Chicago Winter

Use Proper Body Mechanics

Chicago Spinal Care Tips

Harsh Illinois winters bring snow and a lot of it! That’s right, returning to the unwanted chore of leaving the house and shoveling. But you need to think more before you pick up that shovel. Here are some statistics to think about:

So, what do you need for an injury-free time shoveling snow? Let’s grab a warm jacket, snow pants, gloves, boots with a good grip, and most importantly, practice excellent movement mechanics. Shoveling requires you to bend, lift, and constantly twist, putting your back at risk of strains and herniated discs. Always remember to:

  1. Push rather than lift as much as possible
  2. Try not to throw the snow, instead, walk to where you want to put it
  3. Bend with your knees and hips
  4. Do not use your back to lift; rely on your legs to do the grunt work

Exercises that are beneficial before shoveling are:

  • Lower trunk rotations – Lay down and keep both knees bent, letting your knees fall side to side nice and easy.
  • Knee to chest – While laying down, one knee stays bent and the other leg lays flat on the ground. Pull your knee as far as you can to your chest and hold it for 45-60 seconds, and then switch legs.
  • Squats – Since you will be lifting and pushing using your legs, perform 10 to 20 squats to loosen them up.

Continue Your Physical Activity

Healthy Spine Care Tips Winter

The cold weather makes it less accessible to complete your daily exercise routine, especially if you prefer outside or home workouts over going to the gym. But, our expert team of chiropractors cannot stress enough the importance of staying active during the cold months. Being inactive is one of the leading causes and risk factors of spinal pain. Finding a way to stay active will boost your immune system, improve blood circulation, and help your muscles from becoming vulnerable. Whether it be shoveling snow and cleaning the roof or activities such as skiing and snowboarding, keeping active will ensure that you are healthy throughout the entire season.

Home exercises that are easy to perform are:

  • Burpees – While they may not be everyone’s favorite thing to do, they are a part of a full-body workout. Burpees allow you to work many different parts of the body, keeping you fit and active.
  • Sit-ups – A strong abdomen is an essential part of your physical well-being when performing daily activities.
  • Jogging in place – It may not be anything like running through the beautiful Illinois landscape, but it helps you remain up to date with your cardio allowing you to have more energy.

Keep Warm

We know that it may seem a bit obvious, but we are often underdressed to face the cold Illinois weather when we leave the house. Little do people know, but cold weather negatively affects the spine and neck, causing horrible pain and often leaving those suffering unable to get up in the morning and perform their day-to-day responsibilities. The reason for the discomfort strains from the muscles, ligaments, and tendons is tightening in response to the drop in temperatures. While we often hate taking a day off, it may be necessary. Patients who try to fight through the pain are often the victims of a more serious injury. So make sure to wear plenty of layers on your legs, torso, hands, and arms while also covering up your neck, face, and head.

When you are out in the cold, you can do these to help your body remain warm and limber:

  • Neck Turns – To mobilize the spine and neck while you’re out, stop and do some neck turns. Carefully shake your head “no” from side to side, then shake your head “yes,” looking up and down.
  • Hip Hinges – Do you remember this stretch that you always used to do in gym class or warmups before playing a game? While standing up straight, bend at the waist (do not round your back), push your hips out, and reach for your toes.

See a Chicago Doctor of Chiropractic Regularly, Especially When Your Spine Is Bothering You

Professional Chicago Chiropractor

As a community-focused chiropractic clinic in Chicago, we know better than most how essential it is to focus on your health during this season. For that reason, we cannot stress enough to our patients that when they feel even the slightest bit of fatigue, they see an expert right away. Not only will you feel better, but it will save you from even more excruciating and debilitating discomfort in the future.

At Advanced Spine & Sports Care, we work with each of our patients individually, using innovative techniques to properly stretch and liberate the spinal system. Some of our most groundbreaking chiropractic treatments include:

Ensure Your Spine is in the Best Shape this Winter and Contact Advanced Spine & Sports Care

Preventing and treating spinal pain in patients of all ages is our specialty, and with decades of experience doing it, we are the clinic to call in Chicago and the Chicagoland area. Discomfort in your back is never a joke and will keep you from functioning properly, outlining how crucial it is to seek immediate assistance even if you just tweak your back a little bit. Stay safe, practice these helpful tips, and contact Advanced Spine & Sports Care!


The Importance of Clinical Excellence at Advanced Spine & Sports Care

Hear Dr. Jason Ingham in our latest video

Clinical care is a constantly changing topic, and the way we approach the care of each and every one of our patients. As this topic is something that is essential in the way we deliver our services, we always have to stay ahead and ensure that we are doing everything we can to welcome and provide exceptional care for everyone. Our team is devoted to each one of our patients, and that is why we went to Atlanta to learn more about Category of One Culture.

The Purpose of Culture of One Care and the Difference You Will See in Our Spine & Sports Care Clinic

Culture of one care is an essential concept to be applied to all types of businesses, especially for those who work directly with patients like us at Advanced Spine & Sports Care. It is the concept of developing a welcoming environment for both employees and guests to ensure that everyone is cared for throughout every day of work and every visit to the clinic.

Advanced Spine & Sports Care | Best Chiropractic Clinic in Chicago

When you visit Advanced Spine & Sports Care, you will feel as though you are at your home away from home. Each of our extremely dedicated specialists will do whatever it takes to ensure that you are completely comfortable throughout your treatment(s) with personalized care and treatment plans.

Category of One Culture Event in Atlanta

To improve our services and connections with our patients, our leadership team went all the way to Atlanta to learn about the concept of the category of one culture. Through workshops led by the famous Nick Saban and world-renown keynote speaker and Chief Executive Officer of Zappos Jon Wolske, we learned so much. We also had the one-of-a-kind experience to join with people from 47 states and 6 countries, sharing new information while growing together as professionals. After 3 days and over 21 hours of learning, we walked away with incredible information on the concept of the Category of One Culture and how we can implement it to our clinical excellence here in Chicago. When you go to the chiropractors, you deserve to feel relaxed and satisfied during every visit, and we at Advanced Spine & Sports Care promise to continue doing whatever we can to ensure you do.

Come See Why, We are Dedicated to Being the Best Chiropractic Treatment Clinic in Chicago – Contact Advanced Spine & Sports Care

Top Rated Chicago Sports Chiropractor

When you are in need of chiropractic treatment in Chicago, there is no clinic more dedicated to your health than Advanced Spine & Sports Care. Contact ASSC today and discover for yourself why we are rated as the #1 Chiropractic Care Clinic in Chicago.


Top Warning Signs of Whiplash Following an Automobile Accident

Whiplash is described as a neck injury that is caused by a quick and forceful back and forth movement of the neck. Like the cracking of a whip, whiplash often occurs when an auto accident occurs. Whiplash injuries caused by a car accident will lead to long-term consequences, especially when left untreated. Constant neck and back pain are some of the most common results from whiplash. Whiplash injuries are something that needs to be treated right away, as a result it is important to seek Chiropractic care after being involved in an auto accident & experiencing whiplash symptoms.

Advanced Chiropractic Treatments in Chicago for Whiplash Symptoms

Whether you are feeling pain or not, preventing further complications down the road, seek chiropractic care following an auto accident no matter how light or severe it was.

Chiropractic Treatments in Chicago for Whiplash Symptoms

Neck Pain & Stiffness

Vehicle accidents are one of the main reasons people suffer from constant back and neck pain. Motor vehicle accidents pose a high risk of experiencing whiplash. This forceful and sudden jerk of the neck will impact your day to day life immensely; here are some telltale signs that you may have experienced whiplash:

  • Neck pain that gets worse when you move
  • Limited range of motion in the neck
  • Neck stiffness / tightening of the neck
  • Chronic neck and back pain that won’t go away no matter what you do or try

Neck Pain Treatment in Chicago - Auto Accident Whiplash Symptoms


The most common problem after a car accident is chronic headaches as a result of whiplash. This injury often occurs because of a car crash, but could result from a similar injury or trauma. Whiplash is described as a person’s head unexpectedly moving forward and backward from an external force. Often causing constant and/or chronic headaches that start from the base of the skull to the forehead. At Advance Spine & Sports Care, patients who need care for a whiplash injury are assessed and treated based on pain in the neck, back, and head.

Neurological Symptoms

Whiplash Neurological Symptoms - Chicago Chiropractor

Whiplash associated disorders (WAD) is the term used to describe injuries sustained as a result of sudden acceleration-deceleration movements. It is considered the most common outcome after “noncatastrophic” motor vehicle accidents. The term WAD is often used synonymously with the term Whiplash however whiplash refers to the mechanism of injury rather than the presence of symptoms such as pain, stiffness, muscle spasm and headaches.

Whiplash Symptoms may also Include:

  • Tenderness or pain in the shoulder, upper back or arms
  • Tingling or numbness in the arms
  • Extreme Fatigue
  • Dizziness or Vertigo
  • Blurred vision
  • Ringing in the ears (tinnitus)
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Irritability
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Memory problems
  • Depression

After a motor vehicle accident, your spinal cord becomes extremely vulnerable. When you are experiencing pain and other symptoms of whiplash after an automobile accident, immediately contact Advanced Spine & Sports Care for an assessment.

Proven Advantages & Historical Benefits of Chiropractic Care for Automobile / Car Accident Injuries

(Painless, Non-Surgical, and Drug-Free Whiplash Treatment Services in Chicago)

Proven Advantages & Historical Benefits of Chiropractic Care for Automobile / Car Accident Injuries

When you are involved in a car accident, even if it was minor, failure to see a chiropractic specialist at Advanced Spine & Sports Care will result in chronic conditions that can take weeks, months, even years to heal. Not only will the healing process be long and painful, but it will also cost you thousands of dollars in medical treatments. It doesn’t cross the mind of many people to seek a chiropractor after an accident. However, chiropractic care is the absolute best decision for most people due to not needing surgery or medicine to alleviate pain and correct the injury.

Surgery and drugs are normally the go-to treatments for anyone injured in an auto accident, but the better alternative to generic treatments is one that focuses on the body’s natural healing process; chiropractic care. Our trained professionals specialize in treating accident injuries and getting them back on their feet, feeling better than ever.

Benefits of chiropractic care after an accident:

Reduced Scar Tissue & Relieve Discomfort

Scar tissue in the muscles develops as a natural response to trauma. Unfortunately, these tissues can bring unimaginable discomfort to the area around the scar tissue. A chiropractor will focus on the scar tissue and break it down to relieve pain and discomfort.

Natural Pain Relief

Instead of turning to medication to relieve pain temporarily, chiropractic care triggers the release of pain-relief hormones in your body through:

  • Manipulation
  • Spinal decompression
  • Chiropractic adjustments

These hormones within your body manage and relieve pain, just like when using medication. This way, chiropractic care eliminates the worry and risk of addiction to painkillers.

Less Muscle Inflammation

Within your body, there is a natural substance that fights tissue infections and injuries. Interleukin 6 (IL-6) is released with the assistance of Spinal decompression, chiropractic adjustments, and spine manipulation. Through this process, any muscles or ligaments that have suffered from inflammation can be targeted to relieve body pain.

Restored Motion & Accelerated Healing Process

Inflammation will restrict the circulation of blood, oxygen, and nutrients to the area that was affected following an auto accident. With this restriction, the healing process is slowed down.

Are you Experiencing Back or Neck Pain in Chicago, Following an Auto Accident? Contact ASSC!

Lower Back or Neck Pain in Chicago, Following an Auto Accident

Seek Chiropractic Care After an Auto Collision

Have you recently been in an accident with your vehicle but feel fine? You need to see a chiropractor right away! Auto accidents, no matter how severe, are detrimental to the overall health of one’s body. Sometimes you may feel fine, but in reality, your body is suffering. Here are a few reasons you should see a chiropractor right after an auto accident:

It doesn’t matter how fast you are going:

You don’t only get whiplash from high-speed crashes. Even accidents as low as 12 mph can cause whiplash and severe internal injuries.

Don’t pay attention to how your car looks:

After an accident, you may feel fine, and your vehicle may look normal, but this does not mean that you are in the clear. It’s estimated that more than half of whiplash injuries happen without little to no damage to the vehicle.

Symptoms of whiplash do not always occur immediately:

It is normal to be a bit sore after a car accident, and you may feel like that is the extent of it, but the reality is that whiplash symptoms can take days and even weeks to become present. That is why it is essential to seek chiropractic care immediately after an accident.

Treat Whiplash Symptoms in Chicago with Advanced Spinal Care

Treat Whiplash Symptoms in Chicago with Advanced Spinal Care

After an accident, patients who choose chiropractic care at ASSC can start immediately on the road to recovery without long-term health issues, body aches, and pain. After being involved in an auto accident and/or are experiencing symptoms of whiplash, contact Advanced Spine & Sports Care HERE. Our experienced, highly-skilled chiropractors in Chicago will conduct a thorough evaluation & customize a Chiropractic whiplash symptom treatment plan for your specific case.

Top Reasons, Athletes Receive Chiropractic Sports Care

Sports Chiropractic Care for Athletic Injury Treatment, Competitive Edge & Peak Performance

Sports are something that athletes around the world cherish, but as they know all too well, it comes with some sacrifices. Athletes often experience aches and pains due to their sport, and getting immediate care is essential so that they can keep playing the game they love. Chiropractors are trained to treat the musculoskeletal system, which includes joints, bones, tendons, and ligaments. 

Top Reasons Athletes Receive Sports Chiropractic Sports Care

The Sports Chiropractic Process for Athletes 

Chiropractors treat the musculoskeletal system by using therapies like spinal manipulation. They are also known for making adjustments on an athlete’s body to reduce pain and discomfort when they have experienced an injury or trauma. Injuries are all too common in sports, and while some injuries can occur while playing, they may develop over time from overdoing it. Sports Chiropractors at Advanced Spine & Sports Care have a wide array of skills and experience when it comes to assisting athletes with their injuries and painWhen you are constantly indulging in physical activities or playing sports, a chiropractor will be a great asset. Whether you are an athlete yourself or you have a kid playing, you should always have a sports chiropractor on speed dial for when an injury happens. The professionals at Advanced Spine & Sports Care will stop at nothing to help with injury prevention, rehabilitation, and the health of your body. 

Why Sports Chiropractic Care If You Are An Athlete? 

Chiropractic care is constantly gaining popularity among the general public and athletes. As more people become aware of its effectiveness for treating injuries alongside the rising cost of healthcare, athletes are turning to chiropractors as an alternative treatment method. Chiropractic care was usually considered an alternative effect to traditional medicine, but more athletes, including professionals, are choosing chiropractic treatment. Not only do chiropractors use natural methods without the use of medication, but constant chiropractic care will improve the performance of athletes. 

Sports Chiropractic Main Benefits for Athletes

Professional athletes depend on the health of their bodies, and if they are not careful, injuries can slow them down and even end their careers. That’s why chiropractic care is so critical for a variety of reasons, including: 

  • Assistance with injuries 
  • Helping with healing quicker 
  • Be the difference between success and failure

The information that the professionals at Advanced Spine & Sports Care provide to make sure athletes are healthy and that they stay on top. It is estimated that about 90% of world-class athletes seek chiropractic care. If you are an athlete, no matter what level, it is essential that you seek chiropractic care at Advanced Spine & Sports Care. These exceptional professionals help keep athletes away from the hospital, healthy, and in shape by providing them with the best care. Here are a few things that a chiropractor will do for your body: 

>Thorough ExaminationWhen you are looking for answers when it comes to your injury or pain, chiropractor care is the best option. Chiropractors at Advanced Spine & Sports Care will treat you inside and out, treating your whole body so that you are in optimal health. 

>Quicker Healing Process – Immediately going to the hospital following an injury may seem like a good idea, but it may not be necessary. Intense treatments can put you out of the game for a long period of time. Chiropractic adjustments will speed up soft tissue healing, allowing for athletes to get back feeling better than ever. 

>Natural Pain Relief – Especially if you are an athlete, your body is a temple, and you do not want to be filling it with medication. Fortunately, chiropractic care provides natural pain relief by simple treatments! 

Reasons Athletes All at Levels Choose Sports Chiropractic Care & Treatment

Athletes are becoming more aware of the importance of chiropractic care. Some choose to use it as an alternative to traditional medical treatments, and some decide to keep it as a part of their training schedule. Regardless of the reason, some of the most respected athletes from around the world know that chiropractors are well trained in helping them recover from injuries quickly. Chiropractic care will help athletes: 

  • Prevent future injuries 
  • Improve Flexibility 
  • Naturally Heal when injured 

op Benefits of Chicago Sports Chiropractic Care

Sports Chiropractic the Competitive Edge  

 Advanced Spine & Sports Care offers a competitive edge over those who do not seek chiropractic care while engaging in any kind of sport, and that is, we keep you playing. We work with you one on one and determine what you can do to really strive past the competition, we take care of you and make sure that any potential injuries are quickly dealt with, but most importantly, we are there to give you prompt treatment when you need it.  At Advanced Spine & Sports Care, we guarantee that you will get the competitive edge that you deserve while playing by entrusting us with your chiropractic treatment needs. If you are interested in standing out above your competitors, trust in Advanced Spine & Sports Care for all of your sports chiropractic needs.  Chicago sports chiropractic for athletic injuries

Chicago Chiropractic Treatment for Peak Training Performance  

Playing and competing in the game/sport that you love is something you work so hard to excel in. Though training and practicing are two very strong methods in achieving your goals and stature, there are more ways to reach peak performance while doing what you are passionate about.  

 Chiropractic treatment has proven time and time again to increase performance during training in more ways than none. Chiropractors are available to constantly monitor an athlete’s health and ensure that they stay healthy and fit during their training. This is diagnosing potential injuries, assisting with aches and pains, and providing advice on the best training methods designed for your body.  We at Advanced Spine and Sports Care can identify and correct any deficits in athlete performances and give prompt treatment for any future or current injuries. This is a huge asset for any athlete that wants to excel in their sport and not let any akes, pains, or injuries slow them down.  

Athletic Injury Sports Chiropractic Care & Rehabilitation 

 Your health is our number one priority, so should you experience any kind of athletic injury big or small, we will do everything to make sure that you get back on your feet feeling better than ever. Our chiropractic care and rehabilitation services are top of the line using the best and most advanced techniques and treatments available. We treat every patient with a personal touch, designing and treating each individual with care and compassion. With many years of experience treating all types of athletic injuries, we will stop at nothing until you are back on your feet performing and competing again. We care deeply about your well-being, and we offer services and treatments that you can truly trust in. If you experience any athletic injury, contact us at Advanced Spine & Sports Care and receive the best chiropractic sports treatment in the Chicagoland Area.  

Why Choose Advanced Spine & Sports Care For Chiropractic Care If You Are An Athlete 

Athletes are at great risk of getting injured, but did you know that it is possible to recover faster by receiving chiropractic care? The stress that sports and high-impact activities put on the body need to be treated, and going to a hospital isn’t always the best course to take. Chiropractors can help prevent injuries and treat them, so if you are an athlete and want to keep playing, you need chiropractic care immediately. At Advanced Spine & Sports Care, our professionals are trained to treat a wide spectrum of injuries across many different sports. If you are an athlete in Chicago or the surrounding area, you will benefit from chiropractic care no matter the level you are at. We will create an extensive personal treatment plan to ensure that you keep playing without putting your body at risk of serious, long-lasting injuries. Do you want to experience the benefits of chiropractic care? Contact Advanced Spine & Sports Care.

Contact ASSC For Athletic Chiropractic Care  

 Whether the sport is marathon running or professional baseball, injuries unique to athletes take an experienced and knowledgeable practitioner to not only treat the injury but determine the best way to continue in the sport minimizing future risk. Spinal injuries often restrict range of motion, slow reflexes, shorten endurance, cause inflation, reduce strength and decrease performance. In recent years, chiropractic care has come front and center for the treatment of these types of injuries because it doesn’t take a band-aid approach but instead is result-driven, providing the relief patients sorely need. Recognizing chiropractic’s effectiveness in this field, professional sports teams, Olympic trainers, and competitive athletes are employing chiropractic doctors to help keep competitors at the top of their game.

Dr. Jason Ingham of Advanced Spine and Sports Care in Chicago sees a host of conditions from back and knee pain to shoulder and neck complaints. He believes in preventative health care using a natural approach. As a chiropractic practice, Advanced Spine and Sports Care focuses on wellness — without drugs and surgery. Chiropractic care is based on maintaining the structural alignment of the spine and extremities and also takes into account the role diet, exercise, and emotional balance play in optimum health.

“Throughout my life I have seen the many wonders of chiropractic, and I find the body’s power to heal itself through chiropractic, good nutrition and stress management to be astounding,” says Ingham. “I became a Doctor of Chiropractic in order to share my experience and to help as many people as possible by providing quality chiropractic health care.”


While participating in sports and competing, it is important to be at your peak performance, identify potential damages, and promptly treat injuries, and at ASSC, we can do all of that for you. For the best sports chiropractic care, in order to strive forward in the game you love, contact us today!