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Effective and Natural Treatment for Shoulder Pain

Effective and Natural Treatment for Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain, unfortunately, is a common condition in many active individuals, athletes, and those that are repeating constant motions with their arms. It will prevent you from performing even the simplest tasks like picking up objects, coming to your hair, and even writing. While many patients look for a solution, they often go to their local doctor’s office. However, there is a more effective and natural treatment for shoulder blade pain. Keep reading to find out more.

The Structure of the Shoulder

The unique structure of the shoulder consists of:

  • Rotator cuff, supported by tendons and muscles
  • The upper arm bone fits into a socket to construct the shoulder joint
  • The shoulder blade
  • Collarbone
  • Ligaments that hold joints and bones together

All of these individual parts come together, allowing you to use your shoulder to perform a wide range of movements and tasks. However, because it is a united structure, when one thing is affected or damaged, the entire shoulder suffers. Therefore, it is essential you know the signs and when to seek help from a professional.

Common Symptoms of Damage to Your Shoulder

Effective and Natural Treatment for Shoulder Pain
You use your shoulders every day, even when you don’t know you are. While you might just chalk up shoulder pain to aging or a common discomfort due to training or long days at work, it’s crucial that a specialist checks you. Leaving shoulder pain to be can result in complete immobility. The common symptoms include pain that:

  • Is sudden, debilitating, or sharp
  • Stiffness
  • Swelling
  • Numbness
  • Tingling
  • Bruising
  • Intense pain when bearing weight on it
  • Reduced mobility

What are the Leading Causes of Shoulder Pain?

Pain in your shoulder can be due to aging, overuse, sprains, strains, and inflammation. However, the leading causes of shoulder instability are due to accidents, falls, or playing demanding sports. Common underlying conditions related to this part of the body also include:

  • Tendonitis
  • Arthritis
  • Rotator cuff tears
  • Frozen shoulder
  • Labral tears

What are the Leading Causes of Shoulder Pain?
The shoulder is a very mobile and unstable ball and socket joint that’s prone to injury when it is used in a way that it is not intended to be. For example, it might be a dangerous activity that places stress on the shoulder.

Regardless of the cause, a skilled and trained chiropractor for shoulder pain will alleviate the distress that comes from injury through the non-invasive chiropractic adjustment. This treatment will help in numerous ways, including improved strength, decrease in inflammation, and enhanced range of motion.

Ways a Chiropractor will Treat Your Shoulder Pain

Ways a Chiropractor will Treat Your Shoulder Pain
Athletes and workers often seek out chiropractic care due to their completely natural solutions. Additionally, choosing a chiropractic specialist allows for the patients to have an entirely personal and customized recovery regimen. Before therapy starts, you will undergo a complete and thorough exam of the shoulder and spine.

Depending on the results of your examination, your specialists will determine the best course of action to take. It may be just one therapy or a combination of them. Your therapy plan could include:

  • Spinal Adjustment: In some cases, your shoulder pain may not originate directly from your shoulder. It could be coming from your spine. A spinal adjustment is used to manipulate the vertebrae into regular alignment. This will alleviate any disc or nerve pain that has spread to the shoulder.
  • Complete Rehabilitation: This is usually done for athletes that have severely injured their shoulder. Your chiropractor works to rebuild and strengthen the structure of your shoulder with therapy and corrective exercises.
  • Chiropractic Adjustments: Following a dislocation or structure in the shoulder, stability and function are completely diminished. A shoulder chiro adjustment will remobilize and restore stability and function.

These are just a few of the many therapies that could be done to treat your specific shoulder injury. Therefore, the moment you experience any pain, you need to contact a chiropractic clinic for maximum results.

Why Is Chiropractic Care Better Than Traditional Treatments at a Doctor’s Office?

Many patients choose to go to a doctor’s office to get a solution to their chronic shoulder pain. However, this also leads to a dependence on pain medication and the possibility of severe, invasive procedures. Chiropractic care is an incredible wait to manage pain, reduce swelling, and eliminate discomfort caused by shoulder pain. But that isn’t the best part; it is the fact that the therapy is completely natural!

Chiropractic care gives patients an incredible way to get rid of their debilitating shoulder pain while also being:

  • Safe
  • An alternative to prescription pain medications
  • Non- invasive

The main focus of your chiropractic treatment plan is to eliminate pain, improve function in the nervous system, heighten spinal health, and enhance joint mobility. After an in-depth examination of your current condition, a plan will be completely customized to you. Additionally, you will have a team of leading specialists working alongside you to get you back to living your life pain-free.

Avoid Future Pain and Improve Performance

One of the most beautiful things about chiropractic care is you don’t have to wait for discomfort to strike to enjoy all of its advanced benefits. Especially if you are an athlete, your chiropractor will help ensure that you can keep performing while helping avoid future discomfort. Additionally, chiropractic care will help enhance your performance. Therefore, if you are an athlete in Chicagoland, visit our clinic and discover the benefits of our therapies. Get directions here!

Get Help for Shoulder Pain Today

At Advanced Spine & Sports Care, the specialists and their advanced treatments are designed to naturally and effectively help their patients drastically. It all starts with your primary consultation. Never continue to live in pain and get the help that you deserve. Chiropractic care is personal and custom designed to maximize results.

To see if this is the best option for your condition, the chiropractors at Advanced Spine and Sports Care will perform a consultation and examination. Based on the findings, your specialist will determine the best course of action to take. Get in touch with the experts at Advanced Spine & Sports Care and get back to living your best life without any pain.

Rotator Cuff Related Pain: The Most Common Cause of Shoulder Pain

Rotator Cuff – Most Common Cause of Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain is a very common difficulty that many people across the globe suffer. Both those young and old can experience rotator cuff related pain, and it heavily depends on your daily life and the amount of force and pressure that you are putting on your shoulder.

To complete daily tasks, you put a massive reliance on your shoulders, so taking care and the proper precautions is essential to your health. We want to keep you on your feet doing the things you love without any kind of interruption, and Rotator Cuff damages will take a toll on your life. Keep reading to learn about Rotator Cuff related pain, how to prevent it, and how we at Advanced Spine and Sports Care can help.

First Things First, What is Rotator Cuff Related Pain?

This unfortunate injury is often marked up to completing different activities that involve your shoulder. This can be anywhere from lifting your arm, carrying and transporting heavy loads, playing sports, and believe it or not, wearing a seat belt, alongside other various factors that put a strain on your shoulder.

You will notice this discomfort during your daily life, feeling a sharp pain when completing different tasks, working out, training, or practicing in your designated sport. The pain can be little, or it can render you incapable of continuing. No matter the level of pain, it is critical that you contact ASSC so that we can assess the current state of your rotator cuff, and give you the proper treatment to reduce and remove the possibility of future and more grave damages.

The Affected Structures

You may be wondering why this particular affliction is referred to as a rotator cuff related injury; this is because the pain you experience in your shoulder is due to the tendons of the rotator cuff. These groups of muscles surrounding the shoulder are directly affected. The tendons become thicker and can even be torn, being the most common cause of the pain.

The Truth About Tears in the Rotator Cuff: They Are Not As Scary As You May Think

shoulder pain treatment chicago

When you hear about a tear of any tendon or muscle, the immediate response, rightfully so, is one that is not considered fun or exciting. Luckily, most of those who experience this type of shoulder pain can be quickly treated using hands-on techniques such as exercise and muscle therapy!

Studies have shown that shoulder pain is widespread, especially those regarding the Rotator Cuff. Tears and strains related to the rotator cuff tendons are very common, more so with those who play sports such as baseball and football, alongside those who have hands-on jobs like construction, delivery, and maintenance. It is not considered a highly risky injury to your health, but it is important that shoulder pain of any sort be looked at and cared about immediately.

Best Treatments for Rotator Cuff Related Pain

Because this type of shoulder related pain is common, treatments like surgery or injections are not looked at right away. With this type of injury, intensive exercise and muscle therapy can really help, especially with the right team right there beside you, like our professionals at Advanced Spine and Sports Care!

There are a few good things that come along with these injuries; we know, something good that comes out of this. How Can it be possible? Exercise programs designed to optimize each person’s outcome vary, meaning at ASSC, we create a personal plan that fits best with your current condition. This process can speed up healing, getting you back to your normal life in no time!

What Are The Main Factors That Cause Rotator Cuff Pain?

To develop a plan for you, we at Advanced Spine and Sports Care need to know about your day-to-day life and navigate what could have caused the pain you are feeling. The majority of cases regarding rotator cuff pain is gradual and not necessarily one specific trauma that you have gone through. Some of the most common factors that are related to the gradual rotator cuff and shoulder pain are:

  • An Increase in Age
  • Insufficient Muscle Strength While Completing Certain Tasks
  • Some Medications
  • A History of Smoking and Drinking
  • Daily Strain on the Shoulder

For younger patients in good health, a natural reason for these types of injuries and pain is often related to the stress they put on their tendons during sports. We all want to succeed in doing what we love to do, but overworking any part of your body is dangerous and can leave you in a place where you can no longer continue that thing that brings you so much joy.

How Can Advanced Spine and Sports Care Help?

To start, early information and assistance are always recommended at ASSC, which means that some injuries can still be prevented with the right information and education. At ASSC, we pride ourselves on the level of experience of each member of our team and the lengths we go to ensure our patients’ health and comfort.

Should you feel any kind of rotator cuff related pain, we will work with you one on one with a plan, muscle therapy, and exercises designed to help the tendons in your shoulder heal to be stronger than ever. At every step during your treatment, our specialist will teach you all of the different things you can do to prevent enduring this pain in your shoulder again.

Advanced Spine and Sports Care: Why Choose Us?

Each member of our team cares about every single one of our patients that walk through our door. You want to continue living your life without pain, and we can help. No one deserves to live in misery, and we have the experience to relieve you of any discomfort that you are feeling.

If you are tired of living with pain in your shoulder and want answers AND a solution, do not hesitate to contact Advanced Spine and Sports Care today