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How to Prepare Your Body for Winter with Chiropractic Care

How to Prepare Your Body for Winter with Chiropractic Care

As winter approaches and we start to drag out our coats, boots, gloves, and hats, it also means it’s time to prepare for the aches and pains that are associated with the cold months. Our bodies need constant maintenance and care, especially when it’s cold out. Seasonal changes have a major impact on the muscles, bones, and joints.

Constant visits to a chiropractic clinic will help prevent and ease pain associated with the winter weather. Additionally, your chiropractor will strengthen your body. If you want to be completely prepared for the upcoming months, keep reading to discover different ways you can prepare your body with chiropractic care!

Preparing for Stiffness with Chiropractic Care

Preparing for Stiffness with Chiropractic Care
It’s not a secret that the cold makes our bodies and muscles stiff, especially for older patients. Have you ever noticed that your flexibility lessens every time you step outside when it’s cold? In an effort to keep your body warm, your body contracts, which holds your muscles from stretching up. Instead, they ball up, causing inflexibility and a stiff feeling.

Chiropractic adjustments from a professional, like the experts at Advanced Spine & Sports Care, will help your spine properly align and keep your body agile throughout the winter. Continued therapy will ensure that constant stiffness will not cause serious damage to your body. While preparing for an adjustment before winter is critical, don’t forget to continue with your visits throughout the colder months.

Helping You Fight Flus and Colds

When you think about these particular illnesses, you may not think that chiropractic care can help. However, they drastically can! It does more than just eliminate stiffness and pain as the spine is part of the central nervous system; responsible for the communication between the body’s other systems, including the immune system. Therefore, because the immune system is the main defense against fighting off illness and germs in the body, it is essential that your body stays healthy and strong.

Spinal and chiro adjustments help set off a chain reaction within the body. While improving the health of the spine, adjustments also boost the central nervous system, enhancing the immune system and other systems in the body. The winter months are famous for spreading cases of flu and colds; therefore, do yourself and those around you a huge favor by boosting your immune system with chiropractic care by Advanced Spine & Sports Car in Chicago.

Management of Stress

The arrival of winter comes with shorter days, family gatherings, and final-year projects, among other things. All of these different elements can be strenuous on a person, bringing about stress. Patients often complain of constant and intense headaches and body pain starting in the fall and getting stronger throughout the winter. For years, chiropractic care has been an ideal way to prevent stress from harming you. Regular visits to a chiro clinic will help eliminate stress through various techniques.

Keeping your mind and body healthy will allow you to fulfill your duties, keep you on your toes, and continue to thrive throughout stressful times. A chiropractor at Advanced Spine & Sports Care will work directly with you, listen to any concerns, treat body aches or headaches that you may be having, and ensure that you are healthy throughout the winter. You don’t have to live with constant physical pain or turn to medication to ease discomfort. Chiropractic care is a natural way to treat your condition immensely.

Help with Seasonal Affective Disorder

Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD, is a very common condition that many experiences during the winter. Specialists consider it a form of depression. Stressors that trigger SAD include:

  • Gray or gloomy days
  • Colder temperatures
  • Less exposure to sunlight
  • Being inside for extended periods of time
  • Among others

Once this real disorder sets in, patients tend to lose motivation, interest, and energy throughout the day. While many think that Seasonal Affective Disorder is incurable, chiropractic care can significantly assist in regulating melatonin and serotonin levels in the body. Chiro adjustments straighten the communication pathways of the CNS, as we mentioned above. This will help control emotions during the fall and winter. Among various adjustments, your chiro technicians will also suggest lifestyle changes that will help manage any systems caused by this disorder.

The Difference Between Help from a General Practitioner and Chiropractor During the Colder Months

The Difference Between Help from a General Practitioner and Chiropractor During the Colder Months
When it comes to many different conditions and ailments, the main “go-to” for many patients is going to their local doctor’s office to get help. However, the solutions are usually dependent on serious intervention or medicine. Here are why those are a bad idea:

  1. Unnecessary surgical or invasive intervention can lead to long-recovery times, which is significantly worse during the colder months as you are already enclosed most of the day.
  2. Dependence on pain medicine only tricks the body into not feeling pain or discomfort; it does not actually have any benefit to treating your particular condition.

How does chiropractic care help you avoid these? It is a natural form of healing that has no dependence on medication or serious forms of surgery or treatment. It uses the body to help heal itself, improving various conditions. Therefore, whether it be the normal aches, pains, and stiffness of colder weather or the onset of Seasonal Affective Disorder, Chiropractic care can greatly enhance the overall functionality of the body, allowing the body to fight off illness or discomfort while strengthening it at the same time.

A Tailored Chiropractic Plan to Prepare You for Winter

A Tailored Chiropractic Plan to Prepare You for Winter
Do you want to get on top of the emotional and physical pain that comes with winter? Then contact Advanced Spine & Sports Care. Their expert chiropractors are trained to develop a plan that is tailored to your particular and unique condition, ensuring that you reap the maximum benefits. Never wait for the disadvantage of winter to come to you, and be prepared with the help of trained, knowledgeable, and experienced professionals. Get in touch with Advanced Spine & Sports Care today or visit their clinic; get directions here!