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Advanced Spine & Sports Care is a rehabilitation and chiropractic care office in Chicago. Our highly qualified team of licensed therapists and chiropractors is dedicated and passionate about the work that they do. Each member of our skilled team provides a non-surgical treatment option to relieve pain, immobility, and other conditions that interfere with patients’ ability to live a full life. By choosing our expert clinic, patients receive nothing but unmatched care from a team of industry leaders that truly care about their patients.

Why Choose Advanced Spine & Sports Care?

With the wide array of options available in Chicago and the surrounding Chicagoland area, what makes our office stand out above the rest? Workers, athletes, and those who have suffered a serious injury choose us for a wide range of reasons, and they include:

State-of-the-Art Technology

At Advanced Spine & Sports Care, we are never stuck in the past. Our clinic always aims to keep moving forward and that includes keeping up with the trends. Expert care can only be provided by the best hands and technology available. Our ground-breaking experience, methodology, diagnostic technology, and comprehensive approach provide a level of care completely different from what competing clinics are offering.

Personalized One-on-One Patient Care

The first step to healing is having an unbreakable bond with your treatment specialist. At our clinic, we never treat each patient the same as we know that every condition is unique. Each of our patients always receives one-on-one sessions, an individualized treatment plan, and expert advice whenever they need it.
Injuries, discomfort, and debilitating pain are extremely stressful, and that is why our clinic is always available for patients, ensuring they get the solution they need and always know exactly what they’re getting. At Advanced Spine & Sports Care, the patient always plays a prominent role in their own rehabilitation. We answer your questions and listen to your feedback. In addition, we do what it takes to work around your busy schedule.

Innovative Treatment

Our office stays up-to-date with the latest technological innovations and scientific updates in chiropractic care, sports medicine, performance enactment, injury prevention, and physical therapy. But, we don’t stop there! With the changing treatment options and innovative technology being released every year, so do our specialists. That is why our team is constantly undergoing training and certifications, offering more for each individual who chooses our clinic.

Better Care Conveys Superior Results

Today’s healthcare providers, hospitals, and larger institutions are shifting patient care to costly, procedure-based, invasive interventions. Yet many cases of injuries, comfort, and chronic pain can be treated with less expensive and lower-risk conservative care.

Featured Services

About Us


The most practical way to cure herniated and bulging discs in the spine without resorting to surgery. Using the advanced DRX9000, pain relief is possible without the dangers of surgery, extended recovery times, and dependence on pain medication.


Here at our clinic, we treat many athletes at all levels of play, including those who compete for leisure as well as amateur and professional levels. Our experts have treated athletes from every sports background.


Following an accident or severe injury, get back to doing the things you love without intense procedure. Our physical therapy plans will be back and better than ever in no time.

Chiropractic Adjustments

Improve your body’s entire internal system with top-grade chiropractic adjustments. Our crew can perform these for those who are injured or just looking to improve their daily life significantly.

Driven To Improve The Health and Performance of Our Community

One of the main things that help our chiropractic and physical therapist office in Chicago stand out is our true care and passion for treating patients. For too long, patients have had to undergo unnecessary surgical remedies and grown dependent on medicine for pain relief. We drive to deliver solutions for clients that naturally fix the issue at hand while improving daily life going forward.
Our drive and dedication to clients make us the #1 chiropractic office in the area. The main goal of our team is simple; significantly enhancing the lives of people that come into our clinic. Each of our specialists boasts a vast background in different areas of chiropractic care, allowing for each patient to get the results they desire.

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Advanced Spine & Sports Care
Whether you are in extreme discomfort from an injury or are looking to enhance your everyday life significantly, our office has you covered. Recieve a natural remedy to meet all of your demands by contacting Advanced Spine & Sports Care. Don’t just take our word that we are the best, read our 5-star reviews from past and current patients or visit our location; get directions here.

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