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Many of us lift things every day and you may never think of it – it’s a normal part of day to day life and we expect ourselves to be able to cope with it. Sometimes, though, we do notice pain and this can originate from many places but the most common point of origin lies in the back. It’s no surprise, as the back supports our entire body and does an awful lot of work in keeping us strong and stable when going about our day to day activities.

Our spines help us lift by coordinating muscles in our back which combine with our upper and lower bodies. When we lift objects you often hear that you should lift with your legs and not with your back, instead keeping your back straight and pushing up with your legs which are more muscular and stronger. This technique is called correct manual handling – it’s how people are taught to lift when it’s part of their job.

If we don’t lift properly then our back is usually the first structure to be compromised. The lower back can experience a stiffening pain which is made worse by sitting and the upper back or middle back can be painful too, the most common area affected is the lower back though. Occasionally, poor lifting can lead to slipped discs. Discs are pads of cartilage in your back which prevent the vertebrae from rubbing, they keep our backs strong and flexible by padding them out with spongy material. These can slip out of alignment, meaning our vertebrae are less stable and flexible. It sounds alarming and it is painful but it is, fortunately, relatively easy to fix.

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All of these issues in the vast, vast majority of cases are reversible and healable but not without specialist assistance. The individuals who have specific expertise in these broad areas of our anatomy are chiropractors. Chiropractor’s expertise lies in biomechanics – the parts of our body like bones and muscles which coordinate and move. They’re also experts in neurology and the nervous system. Between these faculties, chiropractors can efficiently prescribe techniques to help heal your back issues. These include disc realignments, where vertebrae are carefully manipulated into the correct places.

Chiropractors also know how the nervous system interacts with the spine and they can encourage nerves to decompress from their surrounding tissues, in turn reducing swelling, inflammation and ultimately, pain. Chiropractors can encourage the body’s natural healing process too, by encouraging the flow of blood and nutrients to a problem area. Often, when a part of our body is injured and the tissues compress in an area like the back, the body doesn’t adequately provide nutrients to help us heal because the tissues are squeezed together. By decompressing them, chiropractors can relieve this symptomatic result of joint and muscle pain.

If you’ve experience trouble lifting and your back hurts and it becomes a chronic issue then early intervention is key. If you keep trying to lift with a misaligned back then permanent damage could ensue. Early manipulation is key to rejuvenate the back before damage occurs as for the most part, pain in stiffness in the back is easily rectified with the assistance of a professional chiropractor. Chiropractic practice has improved leaps and bounds in the 21st century and it’s a heavily researched form of physiotherapy that can vastly improve joint and muscle issues.

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Last Updated on 28 May, 2018 by Chiropractic Sports Care