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New Patients for Chiropractic Care in Chicago

Your First Visit for Chicago Chiropractic

During your first visit to our Chicago chiropractic office, Dr. Ingham will ask you about your medical history and discuss your current problems and concerns with you. He will conduct a thorough examination, which may include posture and gait analysis, joint and muscle testing and, if necessary, safe, low dose X-rays. Based on the outcome of this exam, Dr. Ingham will formulate a diagnosis and individualized treatment plan. If it is determined that yours is not a chiropractic case, he will refer you to another health care professional.

If Dr. Ingham determines that you can benefit from Chiropractic treatment, he will suggest a treatment plan that consists of four phases: Relief, Corrective, Rehabilitative and Wellness.

  • The Relief Phase, when your symptoms are most intense, is designed to reduce these symptoms and inflammation. This may involve other therapies, such as electronic muscle stimulation, ultrasound and massage therapy, to relieve pain and promote faster recovery.
  • The Corrective Phase helps you achieve increased function and mobility after your symptoms are either gone or significantly improved.
  • The Rehabilitative Phase focuses on strengthening the spinal structures in their proper positions and ensuring that correction is maintained. In this phase, you should see increased strength and mobility, as well as increased energy and function.
  • The Wellness Phase occurs when you have achieved optimal health. At this point, you may choose to schedule periodic Chiropractic exams to help maintain health and prevent new injuries.


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