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“Over several years, I had developed poor posture, very tight upper back and frequent back pain. After seeing the doctors and staff at Advanced Spine & Sports Care I have improved mobility and function with my upper back, little to no lower back pain, and much better posture! I would recommend Advanced Spine & Sports Care because the staff is extremely friendly, knowledgeable, and understanding. They are very flexible with schedules as well. I am most impressed that the doctors are committed o improving health and getting me on my way!”

Erin V.

When I started treatment I was having excruciating back, hip and groin pain while running, playing soccer and standing for periods of time. I had these symptoms for several months. After completing my treatment plan I can play soccer without any troubles! I recommend Advanced Spine & Sports Care because they work very hard to make sure the patients are getting the best treatments for their injuries and stress prevention. I am very happy here!

Karim E.

I have been having pain for the past year in my mid and lower back. Since I have been being treated by Dr. Ingham and his staff my grade of pain has lowered and I can sleep better at night, perform better at work and have seen a major improvement.

The treatment plan has helped me manage my pain and prevent future flare ups. I have been through so many other treatments with little to no success… I would recommend this clinic to anyone who is suffering with pain. Many thanks to Dr. Ingham and his wonderful staff! I cannot say enough.

Maribel D.

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