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Fibromyalgia Treatment in Chicago

Fibromyalgia pain treatment Chicago IL

What is Fibromyalgia, and who do you know that suffers from fibromyalgia?

Imagine being tired all the time with burning pain, muscle spasm, tender points, and numbness. Add to that sensitivity to pain, cold, heat, bright lights, bladder or bowel problems, headaches, sleeplessness, anxiety and the list goes on. Anti-inflammatories, painkillers, anti-depressants even the new miracle cure fibromyalgia drugs have poor records in helping sufferers. Chiropractic is an effective and safe treatment for fibromyalgia.

There have been several studies done to show chiropractic care to be quite effective. One study, in particular, examined the effectiveness of the spinal manipulation done by chiropractors on relieving symptoms related to fibromyalgia. After only 15 treatments, patients reported a decrease in pain and fatigue, and an increase in the quality of their sleep. Chiropractic care is a very common alternative treatment for fibromyalgia pain.

A lot of people who suffer from fibromyalgia are also afflicted with upper cervical spinal stenosis. This condition leads to the compression of meninges (the coverings of the upper spine).

In turn, the patient is left with pain across their entire body. Dr. Ingham and Dr. Schey are familiar with this syndrome and can adjust the head and neck so that the spine isn’t compressed, which can help alleviate some of the chronic pain that is associated with fibromyalgia.

The chiropractic approach to Fibromyalgia

If you’ve never been to a chiropractor, you may have some questions about how it works. Chiropractic treats the body as a whole. As previously mentioned, your nervous system is responsible for every muscle, organ, and tissue in your body. Your nervous system is encased in your spine. If your spine is out of place it can cause the nerves to be malfunctioning. These misalignments can be caused when your bones, ligaments, muscles, joints, and tendons aren’t functioning properly. They then can lead to an improperly functioning system. When your skeletal structure is strong, your body is strong. Chiropractic care helps restore the balance in your skeletal structure through adjustments, manipulations, stretches and strengthening to eliminate the pain associated with fibromyalgia. What sets Advanced Spine & Sports Care doctors apart from traditional chiropractic clinics is the post graduate training and our clinical philosophy to not only end your pain but teach you things to do to prevent and educate you on the specific things to do to correct the problem. Our primary goal is to strengthen around proper positioning so that our patients can get back to their pain-free busy lifestyles.

It is also important to note that spinal trauma has long been associated with fibromyalgia. In one study, a neck injury increased the occurrence of Fibromyalgia by ten times. This is one main reason chiropractic is so helpful in patients diagnosed with this debilitating ailment. In fact, in one study all participants (n=23) showed a 92-100% improvement of symptoms and maintained these improvements after one year follow up with chiropractic care. Because all the tissues and organ systems in your body are innervated by nerves in the spine, the spinal nerves play a very important role in the relief and correction of patients with fibromyalgia. Anyone suffering from fibromyalgia should seek care by one of our specially trained chiropractors at Advanced Spine & Sports Care.

If you’ve been diagnosed with fibromyalgia you may feel as if there will never be an end to the tingling, pain, and exhaustion that accompany this syndrome. However, help may be as close as our conveniently located office in Chicago's neighborhood, Lakeview. Call us today for a free fibromyalgia treatment consultation.