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Chiropractic Sports Care in Chicago

Chicago Chiropractic Sports Care for Peak Performance, Sports Injury Treatment & Prevention

Competing as an athlete is tougher than ever. Against mounting competition, even minor improvements in performance can make a huge difference on the field. That’s why athletes are increasingly turning to chiropractors specializing in sports care to help them train more effectively, prevent injuries and reduce recovery times. - Palmer College of Chiropractic

Chicago Sports Chiropractic for High School & College Sports Athletes

Chiropractic Sports Care is constantly gaining popularity among the general public and athletes. As more people become aware of its effectiveness for treating injuries alongside the rising cost of healthcare, athletes are turning to chiropractors as an alternative treatment method. Chiropractic care was usually considered an alternative effect to traditional medicine, but more athletes, including professionals, are choosing chiropractic treatment. Not only do chiropractors use natural methods without the use of medication, but constant chiropractic care will improve the performance of athletes. Sports Chiropractic is more and more becoming the treatment of choice for athletes of all ages and skill levels. Chiropractic care is not only for professional athletes, but young athletes can benefit from the non-invasive, safe and effective treatment. Due to the lack of education about biomechanical and neuromuscular dysfunction, medical doctors are not as well prepared to deal with athletic injuries and concerns as a Doctor of Chiropractic. It is for this reason, that more and more athletes are seeking out chiropractic care to keep them playing their best.

There has been a big shift in the outlook of healthcare and the shift is towards a more natural approach to healthcare. This shift is causing athletes and non-athletes alike to become more and more interested in nutrition and how it can enhance their performance. Poor nutrition and unhealthy nutrition behavior are linked and associated to the state of nearly every chronic disease. Chiropractors can give information and the importance of vitamin supplementation, dietary intakes, environmental toxicities, homeostasis and biomechanical reactions of the bodily systems. It has been found that many high-level athletes and their coaches have found that chiropractic plays a role in maximizing musculoskeletal performance, injury prevention, and management of the injury. Weekend and amateur can learn about the importance of chiropractic adjustments from the huge number of professional athletes that seek out chiropractic treatment of their own. Many athletes choose to get adjusted prior to their game or sporting event. This is because they feel they are not able to perform at their best level without the confidence that they have a full range of motion in their joints without any sort of resistance.


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Chiropractic can give you athletic endeavors and an edge, as a result, Sports Chiropractic is used by top players in sports. Chiropractors help keep the athlete on the field and help stop minor injuries from becoming major ones without the use of drugs or surgery. Many amateur and professional athletes wouldn't dream of completing without first getting a chiropractic spinal checkup.

Many big-name golfers such as Jack Nicklaus and the late Arnold Palmer have acknowledged chiropractic as part of their success. The most recent winner of the Masters Tournament, Jordan Spieth, recently thanked his chiropractor in his acceptance speech of the green jacket.  Mr. Spieth has been getting chiropractic care since he was 14 years old. Seeking out chiropractor care as a young teenager helps to prevent injuries and enhance his athletic performance and overall wellness. Dr. Van Beizen has been part of the PGA tour medical staff for nine years. Golf, like many sports, is a sport that involves many unbalanced and asymmetrical patterns in the body. To conclude, chiropractic is a great, natural and effective form of healthcare. This is especially true for those who participate in sports and athletics. If you are playing sports and want to have the best functioning body possible come see Dr. Ingham at Advanced Spine and Sports Care in Lakeview Chicago.   Call us or schedule your first appointment conveniently online!

Chicago Chiropractic Treatment Benefits

Chicago Chiropractic Treatment Benefits for Recreational, Amateur, & Professional Athletes

Chiropractors can also reduce the injuries for entire teams as well as individual athletes by doing tailored conditioning and injury prevention program. It is so important to properly assess and identify the biomechanics of an injury prior to the beginning of a training program that’s focused on specific goals. These goals can include but are not limited to, faster sprints, heavier repetitions, longer durations of runs and the list continues. The involvement of soft tissue around an injury is important to evaluate and assess within the treatment program. Chiropractors often use digital imaging to assess the problem. The types of digital imaging range from CAT scans, MRIs, joint angiograms, diskograms and joint arthroscopic procedures.

Chiropractic can give you athletic endeavors and an edge, as a result Chiropractic is used by top players in sports as diverse as tennis, ballet, boxing, biking, racing, golf, soccer, rugby, handball, track and many other sports. Chiropractors help keep the athlete on the field and help stop minor injuries from becoming major ones without the use of drugs or surgery. Many amateur and professional athletes wouldn’t dream of completing without first getting a chiropractic spinal checkup.

Chiropractic care is one of many forms of natural health care, specifically a non-invasive, drug-free alternative that can help patients find relief from a variety of musculoskeletal issues. Athletes in particular, can greatly benefit from chiropractic treatments both before and after they practice and perform. Professional sports leagues, including Major League Baseball (MLB) and the National Football League (NFL), have recognized these benefits for years. In fact, most professional teams employ their own official sports chiropractor.

Top Benefits of Sports Chiropractic Care

Professional athletes depend on the health of their bodies and if they are not properly treated, injuries may slow them down or even end their careers. It is estimated that about 9/10 world-class athletes seek chiropractic sports care. If you are an athlete, no matter what level, it is essential that you seek chiropractic care at Advanced Spine & Sports Care. These exceptional professionals help keep athletes away from the hospital, healthy, and in shape by providing them with the best care. Here are a few things that a chiropractor will do for your body:

  • All Natural Pain Relief
  • Prevent Future Injuries
  • Better Posture & Alignment
  • Increased Body Flexibility 
  • Improved Range of Motion
  • Quicker Healing Process

Chicago Chiropractic Care for Football Players & Teams at All Levels of Play

Sports Chiropractic Care for Football Players

Sports chiropractic is a specialty of chiropractic & generally speaking, Sports Chiropractors specialize in the prevention and care of musculoskeletal injuries. The demand for sports teams to have a Sports Chiropractor is increasing. All 32 teams in the National Football League (NFL) offer chiropractic services, together they execute up to 27,000 adjustments in just 16-17 weeks.

There are a growing number of professional athletic associations and leagues, that are incorporating chiropractic care into the framework of their organization. So many different sports place significant strain on the musculoskeletal system and outside of surgery, pharmacological treatments, and other invasive procedures, different organizations are turning to alternative methods to improve the health and quality of life of their athletes.

Athletes in the National Football League (NFL) endure some of the most physically stringent schedules in all of sports. The amount of contact that these athletes face on a week-to-week basis between practice and games, combined with the grueling travel schedule and off-field training presents an overwhelming number of opportunities for injury to arise.

Aside from the current concerns with head injuries and concussion issues that have arisen over the past few years, there is a significant increase in injuries to the spine and neck. These injuries play a role in the propensity for NFL athletes to get concussions in game scenarios, but more and more teams are acknowledging the role of the chiropractic care in preventing injury and treating musculoskeletal problems that these athletes face.

Sports Chiropractic Care for Football Player Athletes in Chicago

NFL players & former players  like Aaron Rodgers, Joe Montana, Emmitt Smith, & Jerry Rice all praise chiropractic for helping them to play at the best of their ability. Chiropractic also helps these athletes play with aches and pains. According to the Professional Football Chiropractic Association, the average NFL team chiropractor will perform 30-50 treatments each week during a football season.

Sports Injuries We Treat at Advanced Spine & Sports Care in Chicago

Common Sports Injuries Treated by Sports Chiropractic Chicago

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Select Advanced Spine & Sports Care For Chiropractic Sports Care If You Are An Athlete at Any Level

Sports athletes are aware of the importance of chiropractic care. Some choose to use it as an alternative to traditional medical treatments and some decide to keep it as a part of their training schedule. Regardless of the reason, some of the most respected athletes from around the world know that chiropractors are well trained in helping them recover from injuries more rapidly.  The stress that sports and high-impact activities put on the body need to be treated, and going to a hospital isn’t always the best course to take. Chiropractors can help prevent injuries and treat them, at Advanced Spine & Sports Care, our professionals are trained to treat a wide spectrum of injuries across many different sports. If you are an sports athlete in Chicago or the surrounding area, you will benefit from chiropractic care no matter the level you are at. We will create an extensive personal treatment plan to ensure that you keep playing without putting your body at risk of serious, long-lasting injuries.