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Some golfers would say the sport is in a league of its own – it’s unique and highly skillful and involves strategy, athleticism, patience, precision and planning. Many millions of people play golf either competitively or as a hobby and no matter how good or bad you are, it likely leaves you wanting to play more and more. Many golfers just can’t wait to knock out another round!


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Even though it might seem like a docile sport, when played intensively over long periods, the repetitive movements made during the swing can cause all manner of biomechanical issues that coupled with a good helping of walking and carrying of equipment can lead to injuries. The golf swing is the hallmark of the sport, its fluid motion is athletic and precise and many of the body’s structures are used, from the arms to the upper body and much of the back. Furthermore, golf relies on your body’s core strength and stability in the execution of the proper golf swing and that comes directly from the spine and its surrounding structures. Lastly, golf swings are repetitive and use similar muscle groups over and over, meaning golf injuries are most often strains from overuse. The spine is certainly being used in a few ways during golf and often falls victim to minor or major injury at some stage during someone’s golf career.


Most golfer’s injuries and primary complaints are due to back pain, specifically in the lower back. Bending at an angle needed to execute a swing without adequate flexibility isn’t easy and many golfers will have a stiff lower back after a game. After subsequent rounds, this can turn into full blown inflammation and pain as discs of cartilage are displaced and nerves are compressed.


Chiropractic care can play a very important role in avoiding these issues as one of its main principles is returning and reinforcing flexibility in the joints. This is achieved through proper manipulation of the affected areas which rehabilitates damaged areas to decrease stiffness and pain, and then through strengthening those areas and the core in order to prevent recurrence of injury.


Golfers have found chiropractic extremely useful in keeping their backs supple and flexible. This core strength allows the rest of the body to be more efficient in the swing, energy is transferred more efficiently through muscle groups and the body’s structures work in unison. This is vital for golfers who play competitively or frequently – a small adjustment in the back can make huge differences, in fact, many golfers who visit a chiropractor are astonished by how much flexibility is unlocked in their back.


Chiropractors can help your stiff back by returning discs gradually into the right places between vertebrae. Nerves are decompressed, decreasing pain and nutrients and blood cna then flow more easily to affected areas, accelerating the healing process. Chiropractors are adept at focussing on neurological and musculoskeletal factors that comprise a golf swing and can quickly suss out what the issue is and then provide you with exercises and treatment options for weakened, troublesome areas that can be healed and then strengthened to maximise your enjoyment and performance.


Last Updated on 28 May, 2018 by Chiropractic Sports Care