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Tennis is enjoyed by millions worldwide and its blend of interval style running and upper body strength means it’s a brilliant competitive sport and form of exercise. Tennis requires endurance, flexibility and agility and it uses a lot of repetitive motions in the forms of different types of swing. Flexibility is an absolute must when playing tennis and it’s extremely important for preventing injury and keeping players fit and able. It’s no surprise, then, that some of the world’s top players like Andy Murray, Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic use chiropractors to keep themselves at the top of their game


The most common injuries associated to tennis are repetitive strain injuries to the arms, wrists and upper body. One common injury is ‘tennis elbow’ which is used to describe pain located on the outer part of the elbow and the upper forearm. This overuse injury happens when the tendon becomes inflamed over the bony protuberance on the outer part of the elbow which is named the lateral epicondyle. Tennis elbow can be treated by a chiropractor who can encourage proper healing to the area through exercises.


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The tennis serve places a lot of stress through one side of the body and can force motions through the pelvis and SI joints which become a common cause of one sided low back pain. If this force doesn’t travel with fluidity then joints become stressed easily and pain can easily be referred to other parts of the body. A correct diagnosis of referred pain is vital for healing the correct part of the body and chiropractors are adept at understanding the origin of an injury rather than just the area which hurts. The shoulder and scapula can also often become overused and then restricted and strained in their respective movements from the serve with such pain radiating across the back or down the arm.


Though chiropractors are most widely known for their treatment of spinal injuries, their knowledge of musculoskeletal bodily functions allows them to better treat many other injuries which involve biomechanical structures.


Through the increase of flow in nutrients enabled by chiropractic treatment comes a quicker path to healing the elbow and chiropractors can also assess your swing with a medically trained eye which can spot small errors which may pose an issue with your particular body.

It isn’t just elbow injuries though, tennis also involves a lot of twisting of the back which stresses the discs of cartilage and joints of the lumbar spine. This is the chiropractic’s chief specialism and restoring back flexibility can be achieved through adjustments which help restore nerve function and decompress muscles to reduce stiffness. Because of chiropractor’s knowledge in the nervous system they have an intrinsic understanding of bodily structures and how they’re controlled by our nervous system and tuning up this connection is a much respected way to increase tennis performance for professionals and amateurs alike. Staying flexible and fit is the best way to stay motivated to play as there’s nothing worse than experiencing pain when playing the sport you love and people find a couple of small adjustments made by a chiropractic can sort out vague and obvious issues alike.

Last Updated on 28 May, 2018 by Chiropractic Sports Care