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Cycling Injury – Chiropractic Treatment in Chicago

Cyclist Injury Treatment Services in Chicago





Cycling has been one of the world’s most popular sports and exercise techniques for close to a century. Cycling is used in many competitive sports, from racing to triathlons and many competitions are high intensity or true and proper endurance events where the body’s musculoskeletal structure has to endure repeated movements for potentially hours on end.


Most cycling injuries are associated to overuse and they can range from foot pain to abdominal pain, leg pain and back pain, though lower back pain is probably the most common complaint. Pain in the upper body is frequent too and generally any of these conditions can stem from overuse of a particular part of the body or from improper bike setups or both combined.


Over 500,000 bicycle-related injuries in the United States occur each year. Among the most common injuries caused are located in the head, neck, and or lower back. Also, the overall wear and tear that cyclers endure will cause serious injuries. Though a lot of fun, riding a bicycle is risky; when you experience an accident, any damages, big or small, it needs to be treated. Our knowledgeable and experienced professional chiropractors will help with any injuries caused by an accident and the rehabilitation following it. 


Sports Care in Chicago for Cycling Accidents


The benefits of chiropractic care for cyclers not only assist in reducing pain and discomfort but also preventative measures to future bicycling accidents. Injuries and wear and tear take a serious toll on the body and will cause life-altering injuries when not treated. Here are a few of the most common areas of the body that suffer when bike accidents occur: 


Trauma Related Head and Neck Pain


When you have a head or neck trauma linked to a bicycle accident, an expert chiropractor will work to realign your spine and restore the muscles in your neck. Through innovative techniques, we will take away the soreness and show you stretching exercises and good posture techniques so you get back to riding. Alongside realignment, our chiropractors will help get your neck into the right position. 


Treatment for Knee Pain & Cyclist’s Knee


Knee pain is one of the most common injuries that cyclists endure every year. It is also related to any misalignment in the back or hips. Injuries include: 


  • Patellofemoral syndrome (cyclist’s knee)
  • Medial plica syndrome
  • Patella and quadriceps tendinitis
  • Iliotibial band friction syndrome

Knee Pain Chiropractor in Chicago for Bike Accidents & Cyclist's Knee Treatment


Advanced Spine and Sports Care Cycling Injury specialists will correct the issues in your alignment and ease any discomfort when you are experiencing pain in the knees while cycling. Do not wait and call us today! 


Numbness & Stiffness


Have you been noticing some numbness in the hands or feet? Especially following a long bike ride? The discs in your spine may be compressed, or the joints may be experiencing too much pressure. Our chiropractors will identify the source of the numbness, work with you on a personalized treatment plan, and even show you how to properly sit on your bike. 


Muscle Pain


When you are experiencing fatigue after a cycling injury, seek a chiropractor right away. When you are in an accident and experience muscle pain, it could be due to overuse. A chiropractic massage will eliminate toxins and relieve any pain or soreness that you may be experiencing. 


Spine Misalignment


 Repetitive activities such as cycling have the potential of disrupting your alignment. The more you do it without taking proper time for stretching and rest days will misalign your back and worsen structural abnormalities. 


Lower Back Pain


Sitting on a bike for extended periods of time puts stress on the spine, making it more prone to injury. When curled over the handlebars for hours, the piriformis muscle, starting from the lower back to the upper thigh bone, is under a lot of stress. When irritated, hip pain will become present alongside lower leg pain when the sciatic nerve becomes unsettled.


Neck Strain and Whiplash for Cyclers in Chicago 




Neck & Should Pain Chiropractic Treatments in Chicago



Neck strains, neck sprains, and whiplash are serious injuries that take place for cyclers. Accidents, especially involving vehicles, will damage and tear the muscle and tendons in the neck and back. When you are in a bike accident involving a vehicle, it is essential that a chiropractor assess your injuries right away. 


What Are the Symptoms of Whiplash?


Whiplash is a severe injury; the discomfort and pain of whiplash are tough to ignore. Here are some of the symptoms that may occur if suffering from whiplash following a bicycle accident in Chicago: 


  • Discomfort when rotating your head side to side and back to front
  • A limited range of motion 
  • Tightness in the neck 
  • Inability to look over your shoulder 
  • Unbearable headaches that start at the base of the skull and expand to the forehead


The injuries from cycling accidents can be noticeable right away, or it can take some time before the pain becomes present. When you are in a severe accident after cycling, it is dangerous to think that you were lucky and no injuries occurred. It may take days until neck and back pain are noticeable, outlining the importance of immediate whiplash Chiropractic Treatment in Chicago


Chiropractic Allows the Body’s Natural Ability to Heal


Chiropractic care is natural, eliminates the need for medication, and does not require invasive treatments. Get help and pain relief that uses nutrition and supplements to enhance the body’s natural ability to heal. Our advanced techniques realign the body to freeing any obstructions in the neural pathways. Following our treatments, not only will you feel better, but your blood will flow faster and reach the important organs faster and easier. Chiropractic includes gentle spinal guidance that realigns the body and restores movement in the joints and soft tissue. Patients at Advanced Sports Care will be advised on what needs to be done so that they get back on the bike again. Unlike other medical practices, chiropractic care is unique for each patient. Taking into account the rider’s lifestyle and activity level, our personalized plans are adjusted to each unique patient.


cycling & bike injury treatments chicagoChiropractor’s abilities to diagnose cycling injuries stems from their expertise in the musculoskeletal system and their understanding of the biomechanics of cycling means they can assess the area of the body which is responsible for the strain and decide whether the pain is direct or referred. Pain experienced directly to the area of injury is easier to diagnose but pain experienced in another part of the body can be referred from its origin, which may be somewhere else, making correct diagnosis challenging. In cycling, because large structures of the body are used, referred pain is often experienced in a different body part to the one which is injured. Because of chiropractor’s advanced knowledge of connective tissues and their wiring to the nervous system, they can determine how pain is transmitted along nerves and where the origin of this is. Chiropractors can more often more efficiently diagnose complex recurring injuries than other medical professionals.


Cycling makes use of large musculoskeletal structures and that’s why it’s such great exercise. When we cycle, our core stability and the associated muscles have to work hard to keep us upright and straight on the saddle. Poor core stability will lead to injury over time as the back will fail to adequately support the body and become stiff and inflamed. Many biomechanical structures are moving constantly whilst we pedal and the way you sit on the bike can dramatically affect your core strength and flexibility. Chiropractors can teach you better techniques for cycling and also assess your bike and the way you sit on it to decide whether your technique could be exacerbating or leading to strain. Many professional cyclists like their techniques to be studied and their bikes to be custom modified according to their findings but this is of course expensive. Many chiropractors can check out your posture though and make suggestions that have potentially large ramifications on your cycling practices and in turn on your injury risk and risk of chronic problems.


Cycling is easy on many structures compared to running for example but because of the large distances involved, there are more movements per calorie burned and this means avoidance of chronic injury is still a priority. Fortunately, chiropractors in Chicago provide an affordable route to preparing yourself for more cycling, whether that’s for health, travel or competition.

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When you are involved in a bike accident, or you are feeling the wear and tear of constantly riding, seek chiropractic care with Advanced Spine and Sports Care today! When you are experiencing headaches that worsen or persist, weakness or trouble talking, dizziness, confusion, or nausea following a cycling accident, you need emergency medical care. By using advanced treatments, we will get you back to doing what you love in no time. Eliminate the need for medicine and surgery by choosing the chiropractic route with Advanced Spine and Sports Care. Schedule your appointment today. 


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