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Sports Chiropractic Treatment & Injury Preventative Care for MMA Fighters in Chicago 

Sports Chiropractic Treatment for MMA Fighters in Chicago

Mixed martial arts (MMA) is an exciting combat sport that combines different body movements and disciplines, including a range of different fighting techniques. Although this type of fighting is an incredible way to keep in shape and practice a sport that you love to do, it is extremely demanding physically. Throughout MMA training and professional fights, the health of your body is at great risk. Excessive training and repetitive movements of the ligaments, muscles, and joints will lead to severe and possibly permanent injuries if left untreated. Mixed martial arts (MMA) involves repetitive movements at high velocities and intensities and there’s a lot of contact and tons of grueling training where people tend to push themselves further than they need to go. It’s all part of MMA’s mind over matter, self- testing kind of nature where competitors tend to fight through the pain regularly during training in order to heighten their toughness physically and mentally.


MMA has quickly surged into focus as an incorporation of many martial arts into one greater umbrella. It’s become the way forward for many martial artists and includes karate, jiu-jitsu, wrestling, mu-tai, judo, kung-fu, kick-boxing, boxing and many other combat disciplines. Mixed martial artists focus on capturing the body during its peak state – where the nervous system is perfectly in tune with mind, body and the muscles which do the physical work. It’s no wonder that chiropractors have really helped mixed martial artists refine this nervous system tuning due to their advanced knowledge of neurological and musculoskeletal functions and processes. There are many methods for chiropractic practice for fighters and martial artists but one of the most popular is ‘The Zone’ method which enables chiropractors to tap into which ‘zones’ of the body require attention.




Benefits of Chiropractic Treatment for MMA Fighters in the Chicagoland Area 


During MMA training there is a great emphasis on repeating motions and movements until they’re thoroughly ingrained into our muscle memories. Repetitive movements help train reflexes and response times but also makes martial artists prone to repetitive strain injuries. Over training can result in pain and inflammation, or stiffness and loss of mobility, all of which hinder strict and disciplined MMA training regimes. Because of the focus, drive and discipline mixed martial artists apply to their trade, they’re at high risk of overdoing it and picking up an RSI (repetitive strain injury).

Sports Chiropractors look to relieve existing injuries and encourage rapid healing as well as prevent injuries or injury recurrence and strengthen target areas so they’re less injury prone. Chiropractors’ expertise in neurological and biomechanical structures enables them to concentrate on the mind body interface which martial artists have concentrated on honing for centuries – they can heighten a mixed martial artists reflexes through nerve decompression and flexibility adjustments.

Flexibility is obviously one of the keys to being fit and healthy and it is vital for high performance in MMA, chiropractors are adept at gradually unlocking stiff joints which have become tight and sore through training, helping mixed martial artists regain flexibility more quickly after contest or training. Through intelligent manipulation of joints, chiropractors and encourage the body to heal a certain area too by improving blood flow and nutrient provision the area.

Chiropractors are directly trained to look into your sport and its demands in intense detail and then perform neurological, orthopedic and musculoskeletal examinations which combined with x-rays, form an excellent detailed picture of your body’s stress points and weak areas. Using this information, chiropractors can prescribe exercises and administer treatment to get you back on top very quickly and over time, good habits instated by chiropractors will save you time and pain.

Staying fit and improving your cognitive functions is an essential part of being a successful MMA fighter, but like any other sport, injuries will compromise the health and jeopardy of your MMA training in Chicago. While medicine may seem to be the go-to option when in pain, chiropractic care is the ideal, natural option for MMA fighters. Here are some of the benefits of Chiropractic treatments for MMA fighters in Chicago: 

Sports Chiropractic Care for MMA Fighters in Chicago

Treat Back and Neck Pain for MMA Fighters in Chicago 

Mixed Martial Artists are constantly using different parts of their bodies, and unfortunately, their necks and backs take quite a bit of the stress from kicking and punching. While these injuries can negatively affect a fighter’s performance, chiropractic care with Advanced Spine & Sports Care can heal and prevent future issues. Neck and back pain adjustments and treatment will treat any pain you feel while strengthening the muscles to prevent any future issues. 


Dislocation Adjustments for MMA Fighters 

Dislocated shoulders are extremely common for MMA fighters, and having them treated right away is essential. While a regular medical professional may be able to reset the shoulder and give you some painkillers to reduce any discomfort, our chiropractors work with you to reduce any pain and swelling naturally while improving your process in the future. 


The Healing of Ligament Tears

A wide number of MMA fighters suffer from excruciating ligament tears, and they can be from direct blows to the joint or a sudden change in movement. Ligament injuries will result in minor, mild, or major pain leading to decreased mobility and performance issues. Chiropractic treatment will help with the reduction of pain and healing of the underlying injury without the need for medications or injections. Ligament mobility and strength will increase and offer a full range of motion and improved performance. 


Muscle Trauma Improvement in Chicago for MMA Fighters

Muscle trauma such as a strained or pulled muscle will occur when it is overstretched or torn due to overuse, improper use, or fatigue. Chiropractic care at Advanced Spine & Sports Care will properly assist in muscle trauma and restoring the proper function. Following chiropractic care, MMA fighters will find relief from muscle inflammation caused by trauma. 

Sports Chiropractor for MMA Fighting Injures  in Chicago

Contact Advanced Spine & Sports Care for Sports Chiropractic Treatment Plans for MMA Fighters in Chicago

Mixed martial artists are at risk for sports injury due to the velocity & repetition of movement. There are an endless amount of ways that chiropractic care in Chicago for MMA fighters will improve their health and performance. Trust in the professionals at Advanced Spine & Sports Care to get you back in the ring performing better than ever.

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