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To Our Patients,

We understand and deeply respect that you may be concerned about the Coronavirus in public places, even at our state-of-the-art sterilized office.

Our first priority is always the health and well-being of our patients. And that is a priority we take extremely seriously, even with the current disruptions we’re all experiencing.

We are considered an essential service and the governor has asked us to stay open to help elevate the need for musculoskeletal emergencies. You may be shocked to learn that lower back pain is one of the leading causes for emergency room visits.

We are limiting the schedule to help maintain social distancing and we are requesting that all patients wear a face covering of some kind, particularly when social distancing can’t be practiced. Our doctors and staff will be wearing masks during procedures and in situations where the six foot rule cannot be maintained.

We also ask that if you have any symptoms: Fever, cough or shortness of breath that you self quarantine and DO NOT come in to the office.

Please stay up to date with the latest news and information regarding our office by liking us on Facebook. More importantly in these trying times I am trying to flood our feed and your inbox with positive, uplifting stories of hope and gratitude.

This is just one more way that we can show our high level of care for you … and for everyone in our community. We very much look forward to seeing you, your family, and your friends very soon.

As always, if you have any questions, please call our office at 773-868-0347


Dr. Ingham
Advanced Spine & Sports Care

Updated May 1, 2020 Safety Committee, Advanced Spine & Sports Care

Advanced Spine & Sports Care

COVID-19 Safety Procedures


PPE Protocol: When are masks to be worn?

Masks should be worn whenever the doctors or staff members are interacting with patients. This means that masks should be worn during adjustments and while staff members are setting patients up with their therapies. Masks should be worn…

●     During treatment/therapy – adjustments, massages, rehab, etc.

●     During the patient intake process

●     During financial consultations, exams, ROFs, unless social distance is maintained

●     While performing cleaning or sanitizing duties in the office

●     Doors to rooms to remain open when possible to avoid touching door handles

●     We have added a statement to the automated appointment reminder text which states that we are requiring patients to wear face coverings/masks in the office

A doctor/staff member may remove PPE while they are in a closed room with a patient if there is a 6ft distance between the individuals — this should be indicated by a tape marker on the floor. If it is not possible to maintain this distance, staff members should err on the side of caution and wear their mask.  Notify the patient before removing your mask in a closed setting. Use your judgment – if they seem uncomfortable with you being unmasked, consider keeping it on to keep them feeling at ease.

Some patients will come in with masks and/or gloves on. Some may not. If a patient asks for a mask, give them one. We have limited supply and will NOT be able to supply every patient at each visit. NO MASK NO SERVICE. Rehab patients will be permitted to remove their masks during PT exercises, but will be required to wear them for the rest of their visit.

Masks will be provided for all staff members and the doctors. We suggest keeping 2-3 masks stored in re-sealable bags; rotate these masks daily. Spray your masks with hydrogen peroxide to clean them between uses. You may use your own reusable mask, but it must be washed daily. We are not required to wear gloves on the floor or with patients but they are provided for cleaning purposes. If you need help locating PPE or cleaning supplies, please notify AC or KP.

Hand Sanitizer Stations

Hand sanitizer stations have been purchased. They will be installed ASAP. One station will be located at the front entrance for staff/patients upon entering the office. Staff must wash their hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds before clocking in and beginning their work duties. Patients will be asked to sanitize hands before signing in at the kiosk or touching anything else.

The second hand sanitizer station will be located on the therapy floor. doctors and CAs must make use of hand sanitizer in between treating patients or assisting with therapies. Additionally, doctors and CAs must use hand sanitizer when entering an exam/treatment room and again after leaving the room. Small bottles of hand sanitizers are located in the massage therapy area, exam room, IST room, and at the front desk in addition to the two sanitizer stations.

Sanitation Protocol

All therapy equipment should be properly cleaned after each use.

●     Disinfect chairs, tables, TENS units, wobblers, modalities, etc. after each use.

●     Disinfect surfaces and chairs in exam room and ROF room between patient exams, reports, and consultations.

●     Disinfect chairs, tables, and handrail in reception area after each patient.

●     Disinfect surfaces and tools in massage therapy area between patient appointments

●     Change linens, towels, etc. between all massage appointments. Linens and towels are machine-washed with hot water after each use.

●     Clean and disinfect all exercise equipment between rehab patients.

●     All magazines and extraneous paper should be removed from public spaces until further notice. Clipboards and pens will be sanitized after each use. Sanitized and used pens are stored in separate containers at the front desk.

●     The use of heat and ice will be discontinued. If an emergency arises just be sure the covers are considered soiled and not reused until washed.

●     The sign-in kiosk, front door handles, handrail, bathroom door handles and switches, keyboards, mice, and surfaces in high traffic areas will be sanitized every hour. There is Sanitation Log hanging in the laundry area with an hourly timer set to remind the staff this needs to occur. An available staff member will disinfect these areas and initial next to the date and time completed on the Sanitation Log.

Social Distancing

●     Minimize close physical contact by eliminating handshakes, hugs, and any unnecessary touching between staff members and patients.

●     Office tours will be discontinued until further notice.

●     Remove the refreshment bar. We will continue to provide bottled water, when available. However, all other refreshments (water cooler, snacks, coffee, etc.) will not be restocked or offered to patients until further notice.

●     The refreshment bar has been replaced with the patient sign-in kiosk to maintain distance from the front desk.

●     Measure and tape boxes on the floor to indicate 6ft distance in the reception/waiting area, exam room, and ROF room.

●     Staff members are required to ask pre-screening questions before scheduling patient appointments. We will encourage patients with fever, cough, shortness of breath, or who are feeling unwell to stay at home and contact us in two weeks after symptoms have subsided.

●     Any patient or staff member with a temperature over 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit will not be able to be treated or come to work. We are required to take a patient’s temperature if they answer yes to the pre-screening questions or claim they are feeling unwell upon entering the office.

●     When scheduling appointments, consider the number of patients and their respective therapies. Suggest, adjust, and stagger appointment times so that patients are given appropriate social distance while on the therapy floor. Patients arriving late to their appointment may be asked to wait before heading down to the therapy/treatment area.

●     With patients returning, limiting PT is an important part of social distancing at our office.  If a patient is late to PT, they may be asked to reschedule if our social distancing protocols cannot be maintained.

●     High-risk patients may request a “solo visit” where they are scheduled at the least busy time of day and are adjusted by the doctor in a private room. This is a special accommodation so the patient requesting the solo visit must notify staff ASAP so that we can plan appropriately.

Last Updated on 22 May, 2020 by Chiropractic Sports Care