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A Chiropractors Ultimate Guide to Avoiding and Treating the Most Common Work Injuries

A Chiropractors Ultimate Guide to Avoiding and Treating the Most Common Work Injuries

Getting injured is always a serious issue, especially when it happens at work and continues to affect both your personal and professional life. In 2020, there were 106,900 nonfatal workplace injuries reported in Illinois. Even with the ongoing advancements and steps being taken by businesses to reduce the number of injuries in the workplace, unfortunately, they still happen. Injuries occur in any workplace setting, even in environments that may not be considered dangerous.
It is crucial to understand the most common injuries that happen at work, how to avoid them, and how a professional chiropractor can help. We have prepared this chiropractors ultimate guide so that all workers can stay safe and protect their bodies from long-lasting, painful damage. Below, learn about the most common injuries sustained at work and find our hos chiropractic therapy in Chicago will make a difference in the way you recover and continue with your life.

The Most Common Workplace Injuries in Chicago

No matter the type of job you have, whether it’s completing hands-on tasks every day or in an office in front of a computer, it is crucial to be aware of the injuries that pose a risk to your health. Some of the most common types of damages employees suffer from and need include treatment:

  • Slip and fall – Falling from any height poses a significant threat and can lead to a severe injury. Slips and falls can damage any part of the body.
  • Being hit by falling objects or walking into items – There is the risk of accidentally running into barriers or even being hit by falling debris in all workspaces. The body areas that are most in danger are the neck, head, back, and feet.
  • Repetitive motions – While it may be a part of the job, moving the same way too much will lead to an injury. Tasks may include packing boxes, typing, walking to and from locations, or even chopping food. When proper breaks are not taken, these repetitive motions will lead to chronic pain and long term strain on the muscles,
  • Doing too much – Many jobs require tasks that put quite a bit of strain on the body; these may include pulling, holding, or carrying heavy items and throwing. Due to the physical demands, overexertion will lead to severe pain and long-term conditions.

Getting Immediate Help Following an Injury

Day and night, workers are constantly putting their bodies to the test, no matter the profession that they are in. So while it may seem unnecessary to get help following an injury because you don’t want to miss out on completing your hours and losing wages, our team is here to tell you that postponing any type of damage will lead to more serious conditions that will become unavoidable and cause more pain and treatment times. That is why no matter the kind of harm you have suffered, whether it was a minor accident or a big one, getting immediate help is crucial.
Some of the most common signs you have suffered an injury at work include:

  • Back pain
  • Headaches
  • Neck pain
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Tendonitis
  • Sprains
  • Loss of feeling in the hands, arms, legs, and back

Diagnosing certain conditions is challenging to do on your own, and that’s why you will need professional insight to determine whether or not you are safe and healthy. Especially injuries that don’t cause much pain, many workers think that they are alright until the condition worsens farther down the road. So, the moment you have been involved in an accident or have been injured in the workplace, contact a specialist to run a full diagnostic of the body.

Why Choose a Chiropractor to Treat Your Pain?

The moment you have been the victim of a workplace injury, time is of the essence to get care, but where should you go? For years, the most popular option has always been to visit your general practitioner to get help. However, many treatments lead to serious procedures and treatment alongside a dependence on medication to alleviate discomfort. Chiropractic care provides a non-invasive, natural, and effective way to deal with pain!
Each of our therapists and treatments is one on one with the highest standard of patient care. Our therapies start with a complete diagnosis and tests based on the patient’s injury and where it’s located. Then the specialist will determine the right course of action to take to ensure that the patient is relieved of comfort and can get back to living their life in no time. No two patients are the same, and that is why our personal care is what allows us to stand out among other clinics. You can check out our 5-star reviews here and see why patients choose us when they are worried about their wellness following an accident.

Haven’t Been Injured? Still Get Help from Our Respected Chiropractic Clinic in Chicago

The body of every worker, whether they are in a warehouse or an office, is under incredible amounts of stress every single day. While you may feel strong and healthy, hidden threats may be posing a risk to your health and safety. Booking an appointment with our experts will be able to catch underlying conditions before they happen while making you stronger in the process. Our entire team is friendly, knowledgeable, and dedicated, allowing you to feel completely comfortable and taken care of through therapies.

Discover the Endless Advantages of Chiropractic Care for Workplace Injuries Today

Don’t let an injury of any size keep you away from daily responsibilities, loved ones, and friends. Get natural care from Chicago’s leading specialists in Chiropractic Care! Keeping your body healthy is our passion; therefore, when you experience an injury, severe or minor, our team is always here to help. Therefore, avoid harsh therapies and dependence on medication for pain relief and get natural care with practiced remedies that allow the body to heal and continue to become stronger in the process. Don’t hesitate and schedule your initial consultation today or visit our location; get directions here.

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