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Advanced Spine & Sports Care’s November Newletter

A new study in the journal Alcoholism reveals that people who consume alcohol in moderation tend to live longer than those who don’t. The reasons are not entirely clear at this point as to why those who abstain from alcohol completely have higher mortality rates than those who consume 1-2 drinks per day, or even those who are categorized as “heavy drinkers,” but the evidence is slowly building that a drink per day can extend lifetimes.

One proposed mechanism as to why moderate alcohol consumption results in longer lifetimes is that alcohol consumption can have amazing stress relieving properties. One mechanism by which alcohol can have positive effects on the health of those who consume it is by relaxing the cardiovascular system, thus reducing blood pressure and allowing the heart to relax just a little bit. And couldn’t we all use a little relaxation now and then….

Last Updated on 19 August, 2016 by Chiropractic Sports Care

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