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Is a Standing Desk Really Good for your Back?

Is a Standing Desk Really Good for your Back?


or many people working in an office, back pain only worsens by sitting at an office chair, hunched over the desk for hours. As a result, thousands of working Americans suffer from back pain, one of the main reasons standing desks are becoming extremely popular in home offices and companies. But the main question among employees is, are standing desks truly good for your back? Keep reading to find out the answer!

Will Using a Standing Desk Relieve Back Pain?

There are many different causes for back pain; therefore, whether a standing desk will improve the condition of the back depends, but for many, the answer is yes. However, we need to consider that pain is the result of any number of experiences, conditions, and/or injuries, and standing desks aren’t necessarily a magical cure. Therefore, before going out and buying a standing desk and what it can do for them, people need to get down to the cause of the pain and achieve a deep understanding of it.

The cause of certain back pains and how that pain should be remedied is one of the main things to consider before switching from a traditional desk and office chair to a standing desk. It is also crucial to consider what sitting does to your overall health, including your back. If you are considering purchasing a standing desk but are still unsure if it is right for you, visit a chiropractor. A trained chiropractor will help you have a deeper understanding of your back and unique condition, recommending the best remedies for your pain and whether or not a standing desk will benefit your condition.

Does Sitting Really Cause Back Pain?

Does Sitting Really Cause Back Pain?

The human body is designed to withstand the pressure of standing upright and for physical activity. Therefore, sitting too long, especially with a poor posture, significantly increases neck and lower back pressure. Holding any “bad” posture for too long decreases the elasticity in soft tissues like ligaments, soft tissues, and tendons, increasing stress and strain in all areas of the back. Therefore, employees need to be extremely careful when considering the height of their desks in proportion to the level of their office chairs.

Sitting at a traditional office desk strains the neck, bottom, hips, and back muscles as the standard work surface are often too high or too low for people. This causes them to shrug their shoulders, lean forward, and slouch all day. When sitting at a desk, workers should be at complete eye level with their computer screen and back upright. This will assist in them keeping their back and other body parts in the best shape possible without additional and underlying problems.

Is a Standing Desk Good For Your Back?

Is a Standing Desk Good For Your Back?

So, is a standing desk good for your back? Simply put, yes, it is a great alternative to standard desks and office chairs that force the body to be in uncomfortable positions for extended periods, putting strain on the upper and lower back. However, as we mentioned above, each person’s back pain is unique. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you visit a trained and certified chiropractor for a full assessment. In addition to advising you on whether or not purchasing a standing desk is a good idea, they will give you different exercises and treatments tailored to improve your specific condition.

Additional Pros to Standing Desks

Standing desks are on the rise in American offices and homes. While their benefits have been debated, numerous studies have been in support of standing desks and the benefits that they hold. While a standing desk doesn’t replace physical activity or exercise during the day, they do boast many benefits and ensure that we sit less bent over during the workday. Some of the main pros of standing desks include the following:

Cons of Standing Desks for American Employees

While there are many things that are in favor of standing desks, there are some cons of owning one when they are used incorrectly. Cons of standing desks can include:

  • Standing can contribute to postural syndrome from having a poor posture while standing. This can be in part of not choosing an ergonomically efficient standing desk.
  • Standing for extended periods of time without rest can eventually trigger pain, fatigue, and swelling in the joints and back.

Is There a Proper Way to Use a Standing Desk to Avoid Back Problems and Other Negative Medical Conditions?

If you are thinking about going to purchase a standing desk, it is important to remember that there are several steps to using it correctly to avoid issues. Here are general recommendations for using a standing desk.

  1. Position your monitor correctly. Just like when you are sitting at a desk, the top 1/3 of your screen should be at your eye level.
  2. Ensure that you are standing with your weight evenly distributed on both feet, lower back in a neutral position, and shoulders down.
  3. Your mouse and keyboard, along with other appliances that you use daily, are positioned correctly. Everything should be able to be reached without frequently having to move your elbow away from your sides.
  4. Ensure that you take a few moments each day to give your feet a rest and sit down.
  5. Wear comfortable shoes at all times.

Do You Have Back Pain? Contact Advanced Spine & Sports Care

The moment you start to experience any type of back pain, no matter if it was caused by sitting at a desk for too long or a different injury, ensure that you visit a professional chiropractic clinic like Advanced Spine & Sports Care in Chicago. Their highly respected, friendly, welcoming, and trained team has the tools and knowledge needed to diagnose upper and lower back issues while providing a personal and tailored plan to treat your unique condition. Therefore if you are considering a standing desk and/or have chronic pain in your back, schedule a consultation with Advanced Spine & Sports Care today. Get directions to the clinic here.

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