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Sitting vs Standing: Finding A Perfect Balance

The controversy around sitting or standing while at work continues to grow. While many people firmly believe that the sitting disease will cause serious health issues (if it hasn’t already), others think differently.

Worried that too much sitting could seriously affect one’s health, consider investing in a sit/stand desks to prevent or even reverse these effects. However, Advanced Spine and Sports cares exercise and rehab specialist, Chris Fuller, urges patients to understand that standing all day isn’t the answer, either. He suggests say the solution is a chair that prevents the curvature of the spine, backaches, and hip pain—ultimately, a chair that finds a balance between sitting and standing.

Today many are eager to believe that standing is best for them because it will help to reduce their weight. Indeed, standing would burn more calories than sitting, but standing for extended periods could also strain your veins (causing varicose) and backs. Although, studies show that standing is best for your body as opposed to sitting, there is no definitive answer.

Sitting is inevitable, but too much standing has its problems as well. Sitting for too long, poses other risks that can’t be ignored. Thus when looking to find a balance between sitting and standing one should consider these tips:

  • Change positions regularly
  • Sit for no more than 20 minutes at a time
  • Stand in one position for no more than 8 minutes
  • Take a two-minute moving break at least twice an hour to stretch and walk around
  • Stretch even when sitting

Last Updated on 19 May, 2017 by Chiropractic Sports Care

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